Yellow exclamation mark

Hello i have just gotten this what can i do

Keep node online. Maybe setup external monitoring to get notified when node goes offline. Look into Uptime Robot or Kuma.

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it has been online, it went offline as i swapped from 1 tb to 8 tb HDD but afterwards this has been online and that was like month back

Looking at ping, your kuma is running in the same LAN as the node. It’s of limited usefulness. Run it outside of your network, on a VPS.

If your ISP connection goes down, kuma will be happily showing Online status.


so this yellow exclamation mark just means my storj was down. nothing else ?

It means satellite was unable to reach your node for a number of attempts, and total time divided by 30 days is 96%. If you won’t have any other network interruptions it will reset in 30 days. Every additional interruption will take 30 days to clear from the time of occurrence.

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Thanks for helping i took it was suspended or something :smiley:

You’ll get an email if your node is suspended :slight_smile:

Whatever you do… DON’T TOUCH THE RED ZONE!!!


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