Yellow warning aside Suspension score


After troubleshooting and several issues on my storage nodes (due to iowait / disks bottlenecks :/), I just noticed some of them have a yellow warning icon aside from the suspension score:

If my I/O issue is solved, can I assume that this score will go up again?
And what does it mean exactly? Is it just a warning (saying that my node is in risk and may be suspended) ? Or is my node already suspended on this satellite?


If you switch to one particular satellite view, here is what it says when you hover the information icon:
This score shows how close your node is to getting suspended on a satellite. A score of 60% or below will result in suspension. If your node stays suspended for more than one week you will be disqualified from this satellite, so please correct the errors that lead to suspension asap.

Suspension score decreases when unknown errors occur, for instance if the node gets some “database locked” errors or some other issues that are probably solvable.

I did have similar issues with my SMR disks, but once I solved everything, the score did go back up, yes :slight_smile:


Thanks, very clear :slight_smile:

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