Yet another payout question

I started my node in April.

In May I earned 32 cents…

Currently my dashboard says that I have $0.00 USD withheld and this months earnings are 4 cents.

Should I not have 32 cents with held? Given the gas fees on etherium and I’m in my first 3 months?

There is a difference between withheld and undistributed payout. Withheld is what is held back to cover repair if your node suddenly leaves or gets disqualified. Undistributed payout is what you actually get paid out. But for both those amounts they will only show up on the dashboard after payouts for that month have been finished. And payouts for may haven’t even. Started yet. Check it again during the second half of this month and those numbers should appear.

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Yeah the Dashboard can be wrong for up to half a month… apparently.