"You can get € 400 (440 $ usd) a month, using a 2tb hard drive, giving storj a space of 1tb" - is it real?

Is the data real?

AsaltadorMars from the YouTube Harwaresfera channel says:

“You can get € 400 (440 $ usd) a month, using a 2tb hard drive, giving storj a space of 1tb”

since you have deleted some data for security.

Video in Spanish:

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You can use this Community estimator to got an idea:

If you want to check the estimation on dashboard, I would like to recommend to use this calculator:

i’m sure he earned 440$ on leasing out his 1-2TB but he didn’t make that in a month… maybe over the last year or so…

the price for the stored data pr TB is 1.5$ ergo 1.5$ a month
also it looks like he had shared more than 1TB from that dashboard screen capture.

so lets say he maxed out the 2TB which would be 1.8 TB because it’s recommended to leave 10% free…

so lets keep the math easy and say he runs a node for 10 months… thats 18 TBm if we assume its full, which a 1.8TB node will be pretty quick,

18TBm * 1.5$ so thats like 30$ and then upload is twice that at best… so 90$ and then there was some end of beta surge payouts that recently was done, which boosted the profits…

from what i would guess, he ran it for like a year…

ofc that’s not his profit… then he has to subtract his internet costs, his electricity costs, and his hardware devaluation and wear…

but if the internet is there anyways, the computer is running anyways…

Storj is no get rich quick scheme… sorry :smiley:
but if one wants, there is most definitely money to be made, is the money good…

well thats a big debate on the forum… some people think its to good and others leave because they feel they aren’t getting paid anything… and personally i find when people don’t agree … well then its because most don’t really know…

i think the earning storj can provide looks good, but it’s far from easy… but i’m still kinda new to trying to profit of this…

and because my server is a bit of a power hog, then i struggle to just cover my electricity costs at present… but should get close to actually covering my costs of running my setup soon…
just about 5 months in now…

ofc with a very low power usage system the overhead is much easier to overcome


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this has to be photoshopped, it’s impossible to make 440USD a month with Storj on a single node if you take into account the theoretical max node size (based on ingress and deletes) unless you get way more than 5% of your stored data as egress per month. I don’t know why anyone would fake their earnings but it seems to me that that’s what he did (well the official earnings calculator is the fakest of all but I guess that’s to get more SNOs so it has a purpose hahaha).
Also I don’t want to change the subject of the conversation but why won’t they fix the earnings estimator already. It’s clearly misleading, if they don’t have time to fix it they should take it offline because it’s really not good for the image of storj.

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well he might have done GE at month 15
that would give him his full held amount payout for the first 9 months, together with his then monthly and surge earnings / payouts may have inflated his held amount…

i wouldn’t say it’s impossible… just very unlikely and maybe only possible because of the surge payouts what was a while back…

certainly not a month’s earnings thats for sure…

The dashboard is edited, because 1494.96GB would be displayed as TB and he used a comma as decimal point in the current months earnings. I don’t think it’s ill intent, he probably just started his node but wanted to show what it would look like if you had it for a while. He then trusted that the official earnings estimator gave a realistic estimation and used the numbers provided there to fake a future state. I can’t really blame him for that, but unfortunately it is very misleading. Of course I don’t speak Spanish and if he actually claimed this were his actual earnings, that would just be a lie.

@SGC current month earnings can’t ever include GE payouts as they happen after the month has ended. The dashboard is without a doubt faked. Not in the least because he used a comma instead of a dot in the amount. :wink:


Getting back to @Vicente’s original question. If it seems too good to be true, it usually isn’t true. Just imagine if anyone could make 400 EUR a month on an HDD that would only cost you 60 EUR to buy. Even if you add a raspberry pi to run it, you’d pay around 100 EUR total and make it back in a week. If that were actually true, that would instantly onboard millions of SNOs, spreading data so thin that almost nobody could make any money anymore. A situation like that won’t ever be stable and would dissolve almost instantly.

Market effects will always cause SNOs to be rewarded a fair and reasonable amount. If it is too high, more nodes will come on board and the highest possible income per node will automatically drop.

The actual income for a full and vetted 2TB drive is about $8 per month. Which means you earn the value of that drive back in a very reasonable 8-12 months depending on whether you would also have to account for the cost of a raspberry pi. That’s a fair profit, but not a get rich quick and thus a situation that can remain stable through market fluctuations.

Edit: I assumed sharing the full 2TB, if you only share 1TB, income would be about half of what I listed.


kinda got that one just slightly wrong…

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That channel promoted some pre-made computer builds on a online computer store called Coolmod… they have promoted a 1000€ build for a medium size node using Barracuda HDDs…

Maybe that’s the reason behind fake estimations like these… :man_shrugging: Or maybe just getting more subscribers to the channel.

In a spanish telegram group of SNOs we have been seeing this content for long, and it definitively makes no sense comparing to other SNOs on this forum


Could be he’s making money of affiliate links. But the amounts suggested really should set off alarm bells to everyone watching. Nothing on the planet has an ROI like that.

Did I though? At worst it may have been slightly ambiguous, but it usually isn’t true if it seems too good to be true. But ok, I edited it to make it more clear.

its a double negative… to good to be true and it isn’t that, which makes it true…
but yeah kinda pedantic…

Just to clarify: I don´t know if he has done a GE or not, but I´m a native spanish speaker and in the videos (it´s kinda popular here in Spain) he stated that:

  • he has a very old node
  • the node reporting 485$ it´s supposed to be 1-2 TB at first, and then he said it is a 24 TB node.
  • it varies, but it receives 300-400$ per month
  • the amount shown on the dashboard it’s just a small amount of what you finally get - which is false.
  • he doesn’t want to show the dashboard on live transmissions (few people asked for it) because he doesn’t want to show the Node ID and the Eth address - which is a legit opinion), but the screenshot shown are not real, as explained on this thread.

It is true that he explained the project for real, he explained the rewards, but the expectations about the payment (the egress of your nodes) it’s not even near to reality.

I think he has attracted lots of SNOs to Storj (which is good), made an effort to explain IP things, how to install Storj Node on Windows, how it works with multiple nodes in the same LAN… but I’m not sure if all those people will remain on the network when they discover the ROI is not the promoted by this Youtube channel.

At least for a few SNOs that i have contact with, we knew about Storj by this Youtube channel and we like the project enough to use our homelab servers on this. So at least a few SNOs will likely remain on the network, I hope.


at one moment in the video he says something like “I often say things but have no proof, this time I will prove it to you. Here is the screenshot of my nodes dashboard for the month of april etc…”

Yeah ok, so that’s clearly a lie then. So I guess I do blame him for this.

All of these are lies.

  1. His node shows 0 held amount, which means it’s probably not even one month old.
  2. We already determined that current month payout was edited and this statement contradicts itself
  3. The best month ever was January this year and my node made $300 that month, which included the heaviest of download testing and 300% surge payouts. All other months have been significantly lower. It’s not possible to have a single node earning much more than that as I have a 1gbit connection, high success rates and always had free space. Maybe someone made 10% more that month, but I even doubt that. Also, my node held 4.5TB of data that month, not 1TB.
  4. Maybe he flipped that, a part of what is shown is paid out if you still have held back amounts.

I don’t know if this is good in the end. Yes it’ll get people interested, but also disappointed and a lot of them end up very publicly complaining here. It would be one thing if it was just this guys lies, but he is also showing the official earnings estimator which I’d say is not a good look. It looks like that earnings estimator has since been removed from storj.io though.


He also said something completely wrong about trust in the network and that the longer your node is in the network the more it will get selected for uploads/downloads.
Again this is a good example of why the official earnings estimator is bad press for storj.

Its clearly photoshop-ed. There are obvious flaws in the image and pointing them out would be helping him fix the mistake and dupe more people. I agree with what @BrightSilence has said 100% .

Thank you very much for the answers.

I do know the most realistic profit estimator.

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What has been said by others, expect about $2.5 per TB stored on your node per month including download traffic, that seems to be a fair estimate. Some months will be definitely better :slight_smile:


Right, I counted with 10% of stored data downloaded as that seems to be the case this month (a little higher even actually). But with previous months it was on average closer to 5%. I’d say between $2.5 - $4 is fairly realistic.