You can now watch movies from DCS storage from nodes

Storj cinema I plan to add more movies but tonight you can watch the night of the living dead from DCS

Lets make a decentralized cinema request and or upload your own movies and post DC’s link here

We can do it STORJ CINEMAS will be great

I’m no copyright expert but my guts tell me that it would be simply illegal to distribute movies like that, freely available to anyone… ? :thinking:

You might want to carefully double check that sharing copyrighted material like that is okay before posting your links on forums like here, because I highly doubt it is…

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Public domain movies should be fine. There are some sources:

That’s my aim

the night of the living dead

storj dcs intro


Decentralized storage documentry

My simple decentralized you tube

Maybe PeerTube is interesting for you?

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Does it use storj?
I plan to help fill nodes with deu tube I will eventually get it a url


No. But S3 buckets can be used as origin. Maybe it can serve as additional platform for your idea.

So I could connect my bucket(S3) to peertube?


That does not strike me as a public domain movie… If we want Storj to succeed, it can’t become a safe haven to publicly break copyright. If you stick to public domain movies, I’m all for this idea. It can be a great archive of public domain content even beyond movies. But count me out if you plan on breaking laws. I’d rather not have your data on my nodes if that’s the case.

Yea I forgot about public domain but now I am making a YouTube like site for people to host videos on buckets for us1 storj satellite

That’s a much better idea. But you would still need to make your users aware they are not to upload content they don’t have the copyright to and you would need to comply to laws that require you to take down content you were notified infringe on copyright. Failure to do so still makes you entirely liable for content hosted on your platform. The laws differ per country of course, but you would have to comply with laws of every country in which your service is available. So I think you have some reading to do. You can start by having a look at the DMCA takedown process which seems to have kind of become the standard most platforms use.

Yeah I know about DMCA

Well, that’s a start. But, the southpark link is still up and I don’t think you have distribution rights for that documentary either. So I have my doubts about how deep your knowledge of copyright law goes. I’m not a lawyer and I don’t give legal advise. I just suggest you talk to someone who does. And in the mean time, take down any content you don’t have the distribution rights to and isn’t in public domain. Seems you’ve got that right with “The night of the living dead” as I think that one actually is public domain.

Its a great idea but copyright is a pretty serious offense these days, but it would be good for people that like to host there own movies with programs like plex.

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Yeah I aim to only host stuff I actually can like content people own rights to can upload but no infringements

to submit videos send either the video or the link to
it to

the night of the living dead

big buck bunny

molly moo moo

superman-the mechanical monsters

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In that case I suggest you remove the link to the Southpark the streaming wars video from your first post in this thread as it may violate copyright laws. Several community members asked you to do this already yet you have not complied. Mods will take down your post if you don’t do so yourself.