Your node has been disqualified, after not updating

I’ve been running this instance of storj for the past 3 months. Storj was updated 6 days ago but I didn’t update my instance it until today. Yesterday I noticed in the dashboard that my node had been disqualified.
The docker logs are reporting that there was some problem “emptying the trash” due to a missing file or directory.

Can this be fixed?

If your dashboard says you been disqualified theres no fixing it. You would have to start all over again., But you dont get disqualified for missing an update theres a minimal update that is acceptable. I havent heard anything about getting disqualified after missing an update either, at least not after 6 days.

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Does it show your node being disqualified on all satellites?
Did you manually delete files from trash folder?

Yes, my node has been disqualified on all 4 satellites.
I have not deleted any files manually.

Check your logs to figure out what went wrong so you won’t repeat that mistake with your new node.

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