Your node has been disqualified, re-qualification?

It says my node has been disqualified and I was wondering if there’s a way to regain node operator status? I was having some trouble staying connected for a while which I suppose is the reason I was disqualified, but at the same time, isn’t a occassionally online node better than no node at all?

No there is no way to get requalified once your disqualified thats pretty much it, Less its a mistake that storj created.

Being disqualified is cause your node is not trust worthy so a node that isnt dependable shouldnt be part of the network. Cause the network is only as strong as its weakest link. Imagine if more people thought the same way, That occassionally online is good enough. Most of the time you get disqualified for missing data, and 288 hours of downtime total in a month. Theres no its ok to be offline for months then all of a sudden you decided to turn your node back on and everything is good to go.

What are the times between each block of data transfer? As there are 3 redundancies of every file stored shouldn’t downtime be considered within fault tolerance?

Yeah 288 hours of downtime in a month is the alotted amount of time it used to be 5hours of downtime per month. But it doesnt allow you to have 288 hours of downtime every single month though. There is a rep you have to keep. When your node is offline for a certain amount of time it triggers a repair for your nodes missings data. So if you were gonna try to do a loop hole and try to get rid of data this way you would get DQ eventually.

We doesn’t use replication

However, there is redundancy - only 29 pieces from 80 are needed to reconstruct the file.

It’s highly unlikely that your node were disqualified for downtime, unless it was offline for more than 30 days. More like data loss/corruption.
If your node is disqualified, it cannot be trusted anymore and you need to start from scratch - with generation of a new identity, signing it with a new authorization token and clean storage.
You cannot use the copy of a previous identity, it’s disqualified already.

Is it just a matter of applying for a new authorization token or is it some kind of … idk, alpha/beta - thing?
I’ll definitely get my node up and running again if I can, got lots of storage to spare.

No. You need to generate a new identity. Only authorization token is not enough. You need to run

identity create storagenode2


identity authorize storagenode2 your@email:remainingAuthorizationTokenSequence

then use a new path to your new identity (it will end with folder name storagenode2 in this case instead of storagenode).

If you have undistributed amount I would like to suggest to opt-in for zkSync or Polygon for your disqualified node, bring it online to inform satellites about that before your delete an old identity. Or if you would like to try your luck and wait for L1 payout, then backup the disqualified identity on case if you change your mind later.

What do you mean by “remaining” authorization token?

I just attempted to re-use my old authorization token after creating a new identity but I got the error that the authorization was already claimed.

I do not know, where you took “remaining authorization token” in my response.
The authorization token is needed only to make the generated identity valid for the satellites. The authorization token will not make the identity unique, only generation can do that.
The authorization token is one-time use, you cannot use it more than once. So, to authorize a new identity you need to request a new authorization token.

It’s in your second step.

I reinstalled, generated a new identity and applied my new authorization token but my node still says it’s suspended. Maybe I missed something, I’ll go have a second look later on.

Ah, I see. This is just an example, that your authorization token is consist of your email and remained part with letters and numbers.

The node could be suspended in two cases:

  • it’s failed audits with unknown errors;
  • it’s were offline too long.

What’s you case? Is the suspension score dropping?






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It never seemed to update to a ‘new node’ after generating the new identity and pointing the config.yaml to reflect the storagenode1 update.

Did you run a second node on the same identity?

You need to remove or move this identity to backup (if you would change your mind and decide to opt-in for zkSync or Polygon later) and generate a new one, when it will be generated, sign it with a new authorization token, then start with a clean storage.