Your node has been suspended on

Hello my storage node is no longer working. I had problems with the PC and it was unexpectedly offline. Can you please repair my storage node again?

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If it’s suspended, your node will recover on its own after completing enough successful audits. You should know though that nodes don’t currently get suspended for being offline. It gets suspended for not responding correctly to audits. Please take a look at your log and look for lines that contain both failed and GET_AUDIT. Those should tell you what happened that caused this suspension.

You can use this guide to find out the reason:

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I ran the command suggested there: rock64@rock64:~$ sudo docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep GET_AUDIT | grep failed

1 rock64@rock64:~$
Does the number 1 before the prompt means anything?..

If you redirected your logs, then you should use a different command:

grep GET_AUDIT /path/to/storagenode.log | grep failed