Your Node has been suspended xD

Apparently it makes more sense in public, but I just wanted to know the reason for the suspension. Well, the forum will continue to be filled with the same topics again and again ^^

I was suspended from all satellites tonight. In the meantime, the suspension has been lifted again. On request including my NodeID what reason is responsible for it I was told to look in my log.

No logs were written between 1:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. The entries are simply missing. HOW SHOULD I LOOK IN MY LOG? In addition, I find no failed audits before and after.

I find it a bit ridiculous that as an SNO I have to inquire about the reason for the suspension and then get told to look at my log even though I said I don’t have one.
Are you kidding me?

It’s like being suspended from work for no reason. You don’t even know which mistake you made.

In general: finally think about what an SNO will immediately recognize the reason for the suspension or disqualification. It’s not professional … Rather like “See that you find the mistake or you were just unlucky”

You have my NodeID, so give me the reason why I was suspended for a few hours.

Man folks, you’re in production and nothing is going right.

The suspended mode has been designed to catch unknown errors and fix them before disqualification. We do not want to disqualify nodes without concrete reasons.
So, it would help if you can found an exact reason to be suspended and fix it before the disqualification.

You can read the design here:

Since you do not have logs for the certain amount of time, It could indicate an ongoing problem and it’s can be a reason for suspension.

Did you rename or move your logs recently?
How is your HDD connected?
What is your OS?
What the type of the storagenode? Docker or Windows GUI?

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Thanks for your answer here

Did you rename or move your logs recently?

Yes, I archive the log regularly when the node is switched off. I also recently migrated the node, see the error below.

How is your HDD connected?

USB3 with external power supply.

What is your OS?

currently Ubuntu 18.04 x64

What the type of the storagenode?


A few days ago I had the error about 25 times

ERROR piecestore failed to add bandwidth usage {“error”: “bandwidthdb error: database disk image is malformed”, “errorVerbose”: "bandwidthdb error: database disk image is malformed

Can that be the trigger?

The suspension has been over since a few hours. Strange.

Yes! Please, fix the problem with a database:

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