Your Node has gone offline emails from delisted satellites (no reason for concern)

Yes, the title of that graph says it all. It takes the max of the number of nodes per category across all satellites. When they removed the decommissioned satellites from the trust list, all nodes stopped communicating with them and look offline for those satellites. These satellites are now completely offline though, since earlier today. So depending on how the graph works it might fix itself now.

This is a bug in the Grafana dashboard, IMHO. It’s not an easy task to combine the raw statistics (available here, as satellites are independent, and you don’t know the overlap between the number of nodes. For example if two satellites report 20k nodes: they can be the same or 40k individual nodes.

I don’t know how the dashboard data is calculated from the published raw data, but probably it was not prepared for satellite decommissioning…

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Hi all, it is a Bug on Grafana data due europe-north decommissioning. I’ll have a look on that.


The nodes data endpoint: is fixed. We should have the data back to normal.


This endpoint needs fixing too

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It should be fixed too.

I receive offline emails from Saltlake, although I GE half a year ago from it.

Something does not seem right. This node has always been online but I did receive an email in October from storj with this message: Your Storage Node on the US2 satellite has gone offline. Why are the month’s earnings at $0.00 when it is up? I believe the whole issue comes from the satellites being turned off.

Current earning estimation is calculated on your node from the data from the local databases.
I would recommend to check databases: