"Your Node is disqualified from US satellite..." Why is that for?

“Your Node is disqualified from US satellite…” Why is that for?

I don’t understand, I didn’t do anything. I am available 24/7. Can I do something?

You can try to figure out, why is it disqualified on that satellite to do not be disqualified on remaining.
First of all - please show a storagenode dashboard with reputation scores.
Then check your logs for audit errors, like described in the guide above.

Is this a reputation scores?
I can’t see the guide. Any link?

I can’t open the log file… “too big”

You seem to have big problems with your Audits.
Once eu1 and ap1 also reach below 96 you would also be disqualified there.

Opening the log would be dependent on what system you are on. Windows → Notepad++ should handle it easily.
Docker → Docker logs YourDockerName | grep “Error”

Personal recommendation: Till you find out what the problem is keep your node offline. As right now you are failing audits fully which will quickly lead to a disqualification on the other nodes.
If real widespread data loss has occurred though your node will probably be unrecoverable.

I am on windows and Notepad ++ can’t opent the file… “too big…” Are we talking about storagenode.log?

I see in that case this might help:

Either with the Powershell command to get the last x Logs and see if its helpful or split it like suggested with 7zip to split them. Only the newest log entries should be of interest

This application claims to be able to handle multi TB log files:

this worked but i had to stop the node … What error should i looking for? The last error is “ERROR piecestore:cache error getting current used space: {“error”: “context canceled; context canceled”, “errorVerbose”: “group:\n— context canceled\n— context canceled”}”

Some errors:

“WARN pieces failed to migrate v0 piece. Piece may not be recoverable
ERROR piecedeleter could not send delete piece to trash”

“ERROR nodestats:cache Get pricing-model/join date failed {“error”: “context canceled”}”

“ERROR contact:service ping satellite failed”

“WARN contact:service Your node is still considered to be online but encountered an error.”

“WARN pieces failed to migrate v0 piece. Piece may not be recoverable”

Why the log file is so big 1.4GB? Is it normal?

It’s normal. The errors you posted, without context, seem to relate to the shutting down of the node except for WARN pieces failed to migrate v0 piece. Piece may not be recoverable. This error points to a file system error. If you’re on Windows you should run chkdsk with fix on the drive holding storj blob data.


Do not try to open a big log file with UI editors, almost all of them will try to load it to memory (so you need to have at least 2GB free memory to be able to open 1.4GB text file).
You should use PowerShell instead, as suggested in the article:

sls "GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR" "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls failed
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