Your Node is Disqualified

I have been running docker for many month and all work “well”. i try to install the qnap made app and then i got disqualified, Whoho 8-9 TB down the train and 99.8% uptime, 7-8 TB a month,

I think i stop and dont bother to make a new node before things get more polished. The node was stuck at v. 1.1.1 and no update, still it say i need to update.

It was fun to test this project. Will keep an eye on it. And hope dev make it good “one day”.

See you soon (maybe) :beers:

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That is just awful. Did you figure out what went wrong ?

Did not check yet, i was going to sleep, have kept the data for now, but as long im disqualified i cant do much about it?

Are you sure your node is DQed and not suspended ? Web dashboard is a good source to check, also you might get email about the same.

it was in the email.