Your Storage Node on the us-central-1 satellite has been disqualified and can no longer host data on the network

My node has been disqualified from one of satellite! How to check where is problem. That is windows node.

I can’t understand why i did not see that there are some problems???

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Hi @faga

This thread explains the new audit scoring with the .96 dq threshold

I’m forwarding your screenshot to the team since everything is appears to be above .96

Are there many errors in your storagenode log?

Yes, but I hadn’t noticed and I also don’t understand why it happened to one of the satellites

Me too. But last week I got crc errors on this disk.

What type of errors we search?

I checked the HDD but looks good, no errors, SMART good!

Any failures of GET_AUDIT and GET_REPAIR.



My eyes missed the 95% in your screen shot
It is because this Audit fell below 96%

Yep. As I thought I have 9 errors from the last day)

I think it will be more if taken 24h period of time.

You need to have at least 40 consecutive failed audits to be disqualified.
Maybe you do not have logs for the disqualification date?

Okay, than i need to understand where is problem. That was my best node! :frowning:

First error in the log form 20.08. And wc -l show 80 strings). But I don’t know how much errors the consecutive. I think it because hdd has errors.

Please search for failed audits first

Definitely you have had 40 consecutive failed audits, otherwise the audit score was greater.

Not exactly- 40 consecutive failed audits is sufficient to be disqualified, but that’s just the fastest way. They don’t have to be consecutive. You can also be disqualified by, e.g., failing 100 audits with lots of passing audits in between.


Any failure of more than 4% of audits over time would lead to suspension/disqualification. The higher the percentage that fail the fewer audits are needed. 40 at 100% failures is the fastest way to get there. At 4% failures it would take about 3000 audits.



I send you this topic because I received message and email for :
Your node has been disqualified on Tue, 23 Aug 2022 17:21:31 GMT. If you have any questions regarding this please check our Node Operators thread on Storj forum.
and same on Email .

But when I check this Sattelite I have :
Suspension Score
100 %

Audit Score
95.69 %

Online Score
95.82 %

Is-it a bug ?