Your Storage Node on the us-central-1 satellite has been disqualified and can no longer host data on the network

As far as I know they are working on a bugfix for server-side copy feature, so perhaps they reset audit scores on all nodes to find a root cause.
However, if your node has lost data, it would not help - the node will be disqualified again.
But let’s wait for the information from the team.

Keep an eye on “Audit” scores. Looks like they’re not at 100% anymore already on some sats’. See how it evolves over the coming days.

They should not go below 96% as this is the new threshold for disqualification.

Hello Alexey, for the moment no problem. Still Zero failed on
sudo docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep -E “GET_AUDIT|GET_REPAIR” | grep failed -c

Thanks for help all :wink:

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