You've got customers that want to pay full asking price over here

I like how people can just write letters to the whole community on here.

“Open door policy” in a sense.

Some people talk about going on strike.
Some people are pitching their latest “Make $20k/mo making YouTube Shorts”

This will likely shake things up a bit.
Hopefully, anyway.

This won’t be professional.
It’ll probably even piss off some people.
(lots of that going on all over the world these days, eh?)

But it has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for a powerful outcome for everyone.

I help non-techy people feel better about using tech.


I’ve spent no less than a couple dozen afternoons with my 88 year old client… just to show him something simple like attaching a photo from his Samsung tablet’s gallery to an email.

He still texts me whenever andriod tells him there’s an update.

To his own friends and family, he calls me his ‘tech guy’.

I love this.
I know how to connect with people and make them feel better for days after I leave.

And I know how important it is that we get technology to automate our digital lives.
Every minute has a return on its investment.

I teach the same principles for the non-techy, local, small merchants and entrepreneurs as they lean into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

I’ve opened up a private mastermind group to help our economy (flow of money) be more local.

It’s very community-driven.
Very DAO-ish.

Last week, at the 4th farmer’s market we built since 2020, we launched a business academy for 10-14yr olds. The market is creating a coffee shop.

But here’s what I’m actually teaching them.

How to be a broker.
This community is warming up to the idea of having tokens.

(took them long enough)

Well, they need an exchange.
What better place than the first table people visit when they arrive?

The token is just another product of another’s labour.
Just like the coffee.

Guess who’s bringing pastries next week.

That Ukrainian Babushka.

The Point Is
When it comes to revolutions, we are categorically, your very best customer.

We’re bootstrappers.
We’re willing to work.
We’re willing to learn.

And we will be your loudest advocates.

Because we know…
Strong Communities Build Strong Nations.

I can’t possibly begin to know enough about the tech world to make a judgement on the strike,

but I’m sure you can agree we are the solution to your revenue issues.

I’m here today with a problem and I think someone here will be able to help me.

This will seem insignificant.

But I can assure you… the principle behind this issue is a microcosm of the overall resistance we have to adopting these technologies.

In short, it’s high time the developer ecosystems focused on making it easier for us to adopt their tech.

I don’t know what Layer 1 transaction is.
I couldn’t possibly begin to guess what zkSync transactions are.
I don’t still don’t comprehend why people still have to pay gas fees.
Especially when I can convert $175,000CAD into ADA and after a $30 wire to BitBuy, the transaction fee was $1.50.

We’re happy to be shown differently… but we’re Bootstrapping, here… remember?
You’re going to have to speak our language.

We’ve been having issues with billing as a result of confusions about our administration account setup and how Project Ownership works.

As days wore on, the account went past the grace period and now our account has been frozen.

As such, our students using our LMS are not able to see the embedded content they paid to view.

For days now.

Last night, got the account sorted and billing profile updated.
I couldn’t find a place where I could update the account, so I replied to my last email with support, asking for clarification/direction.

This morning, I got an email saying that Storj is not able to process credit card transactions.

Ok… well, we know the currency collapse is coming,
and we’ve started HODLing because it’s safer than a bank.

Pitter Patter
Let’s get at 'er
I want to pay in Storj tokens.

We need our content back up.

Give it to me straight.
(Basic Language)

If I were to do send to that STORJ address in my billing section
with a DEX like ChangeNow

Like this:

Will that automatically top up my account?
and get our content back up and visible for our students?

Also, I’ve heard of gas fees taking $80 out of $200 transactions

We love the idea of HODLing, but
We’re bootstrapping.
We need to move money 20-30 times a day.

If I wanted to lose money when I move it,
I’d just go deposit it into my national bank, thank you very much.

Thanks for your time, everyone. I look forward to the discussion that comes forward from this thread!

Let’s have fun finding solutions that help the world embrace not just the technology, but the principles of decentralization!

P.S. I would love to help anyone in their Web3 business get more of the customers that back a nation’s economy. Message me what you’re working on. Let’s find ways to collaborate.

Welcome to the Forum,

i recommend reading this first. Also to send an dispensable amount as an test transaktion, so you can be sure your way works.

Then send the amount of tokens to your storj adress. You should find your adress this way:

I recommend at this volume to send an dispensable amount as an test transaktion, so you know your way works.

There is a nice bonus, when using storj tokens.

Gas prices here:

Also i think you should have at least an NOW wallet and the corresponding seedprase (key) to it.
Stored safely and on multiple safe places preferable offline. Don’t share it to anybody.
If you want to use and trust the exchange.

Here some principles regarding crypto:
-Not your keys, not your wallet-
-Do your own research-

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The above is not entirely accurate. Without disclosing details about the exact billing issue you were facing here on a public forum, I would like to inform that the issue has already been resolved now. Please review the latest response to your support ticket for details.

Of course you are still welcome to also add STORJ token as a payment method, you can obtain a STORJ wallet to deposit the tokens to from the billing section of your account, and yes, there is a bonus for using STORJ as a payment method.


Perfect. Thanks for everything. Things were a little stressful at the time.
I do appreciate you all.

And thanks for the bookmarks.

ChangeNow is a DEX,
so I was under the impression that it facilitated cross-chain transactions between non-custodial wallets.

I have much learning, yes -
and I’m learning fast, don’t worry.

I need to help these businesses out and you’re the easiest for me to as a teaching tool.

So I appreciate all the work everyone does.