Zero downloads shown when using

Hi Everyone,

My node has been up for about a month and few days, and has used about 55 GB egress bandwidth from the 1st of August. The script says I have zero downloads, but when I look in the log file, I see many “download started” and “downloaded”. My node has been vetted on all satellites except stefan-benten (according to

Result from script:

Log section with “download started” and “download”:
{“log”:“2020-08-24T23:02:45.939Z\u0009INFO\u0009piecestore\u0009download started\u0009{“Piece ID”: “N4HMH6RGIR5WNV5A2FN4H5QP6VQTSEPFWKMBO36XTBHN6R4XMIWA”, “Satellite ID”: “12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB”, “Action”: “GET”}\n”,“stream”:“stderr”,“time”:“2020-08-24T23:02:45.939766079Z”}
{“log”:“2020-08-24T23:02:45.993Z\u0009INFO\u0009piecestore\u0009uploaded\u0009{“Piece ID”: “7AZG3WR55DMEZXJ3KTF72OBMLWBWUYLVTVNJK3H2QWFK2HDDS5OA”, “Satellite ID”: “121RTSDpyNZVcEU84Ticf2L1ntiuUimbWgfATz21tuvgk3vzoA6”, “Action”: “PUT”}\n”,“stream”:“stderr”,“time”:“2020-08-24T23:02:45.993889546Z”}
{“log”:“2020-08-24T23:02:46.087Z\u0009INFO\u0009piecestore\u0009downloaded\u0009{“Piece ID”: “N4HMH6RGIR5WNV5A2FN4H5QP6VQTSEPFWKMBO36XTBHN6R4XMIWA”, “Satellite ID”: “12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB”, “Action”: “GET”}\n”,“stream”:“stderr”,“time”:“2020-08-24T23:02:46.087929627Z”}

I’m also seeing some errors such as:

  1. order: unable to connect to the satellite: rpccompat: context deadline exceeded
  2. ping satellite error: rpccompat: context deadline exceeded

These errors happen almost once everyday, but the rest of the log is the typical upload or download. I can provide more details of the log, if needed.

Not sure if these errors are correlated to the script, or if I’m misunderstanding what is treated as a “download” or if there is something wrong with my node.

Thanks for the help.

Have you redirected a log to the file recently? If so, please, run the script with a path to the log file.

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you using some kind of other scripts like the logging script brightsilence wrote that might change the names of some of the uploads and downloads names in the log for ecstatic

if not that, then maybe you are using an old successrate script… does seems like an odd error
clearly it’s a thing… only question is if its because your logs are different from what it expects or if the script is different from how the logs looks…

just checked my last 1 hour of log running v1.10.1
and my script seems to run fine…

i don’t assume you got v1.11 already… because you are most likely on linux…

Errrr your logs look off, should look like this… there shouldn’t be the {“log”:“ in front
i can only assume something in your system adds that to the stdout or stderr
or whatever its called… pretty much a linux rookie still, anyways so far as i can tell that has to be the issue and is why gives you a weird output…

2020-08-25T09:28:54.344Z        INFO    piecestore      downloaded      {"Piece ID": "MXW3TE7L23IIE64VZAH73D35ZENZPAUNGSYD4DWTYU$
2020-08-25T09:28:54.478Z        INFO    piecestore      upload started  {"Piece ID": "QQA4QXK426TAQSP2JJLAEEBQ6GUV3N3FBP4OP3AIBP$
2020-08-25T09:28:54.514Z        INFO    piecestore      uploaded        {"Piece ID": "QQA4QXK426TAQSP2JJLAEEBQ6GUV3N3FBP4OP3AIBP$
2020-08-25T09:28:55.263Z        INFO    piecestore      download started        {"Piece ID": "PBYPKHWTFEU2IRCUQ7M3OSE4R3CTQ5RT2H$
2020-08-25T09:28:55.478Z        INFO    piecestore      downloaded      {"Piece ID": "PBYPKHWTFEU2IRCUQ7M3OSE4R3CTQ5RT2HSBAGYZ2T$
2020-08-25T09:28:55.560Z        INFO    piecestore      download started        {"Piece ID": "QQA4QXK426TAQSP2JJLAEEBQ6GUV3N3FBP$
2020-08-25T09:28:55.844Z        INFO    piecestore      downloaded      {"Piece ID": "QQA4QXK426TAQSP2JJLAEEBQ6GUV3N3FBP4OP3AIBP$
2020-08-25T09:28:56.080Z        INFO    piecestore      downloaded      

you can use this command to export docker logs, if they are still there… and then try to run on the output, if it runs fine on that, then it’s an external issue… if it still gives you weird logs it has to be docker or storagenode configuration related and then you are most likely to blame in some way :smiley:

docker logs --since 1h storagenode >& /tank/logs/sn1-1h.log

but we all seem to cause most of the problems lol without users there would be no problems…
the last bit is the output … obviously… in my case /tank/log/whatever…log

P.S there should be more after the $ in the log example… but you get the idea … should start like that… 2020-08-25T09:28:54.514Z not like {“log”:"


Thank you for the detailed reply @SGC Yes, I’m on v1.10.1 and running the latest script. But I think the issue is what @Alexey pointed out.

I’m copying the log to my Windows machine and then re-uploading the one I want to run the script on. Hindsight, not very efficient lol. I think copying it from a Linux to a Windows machine changes the log format and hence the script can’t find the keywords.

Ran the script using the docker container name and it worked. Thanks for the help.

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