Does StorJ have the ability to decrypt our data in any way?


You should’t ask. Just encrypt all your files with 7-Zip before uploading. This will be your answer to question.

I would like to use StorJ as hot storage for files that I use daily.

AES-256 is very series encryption just to know what you have there.

I’m talking about encryption keys beeing stored at StorJ or not. This would be zero-knowledge encryption. Apart from that, other cloud services (Mega for example) publish their source code so that nothing is hidden.

  1. regarding data encryption, our Chief Architect JT Olio quite clearly stated the answer in an earlier post:

Data on Storj is by default end-to-end encrypted with keys only the data owner controls (with optional support for sharing features). Only the data owner can decide who to share the keys with and who can see the data. Put another way, Storj can’t access data without the data owner sharing keys and access!
However, if the owner shares the encryption keys and provides access to others, it can be further distributed by others.

You can find more details here: Disclosures

  1. Storj is open source, so you can check the source code and verify the above is true at our Github.

That sums it up.


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