Zigzag with MEW - issues?

Hello together,

I wanted to try zigzag for my first time. But I can’t connect my MEW Wallet with it.
I’ve already transferd from zksync L2 to my L1 address and payd the activation fee.
No I wanted try zigzag, but when I scan the QR code - it tells me, that the code is expired.

Anyone else using MEW here and can test?
Also on zksync and wallet-connect with MEW opens the app but don’t ask for connection when on mobile, when I open zksync on desktop on scan with app, then it works.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

you mean the otherwise around?

so zk sync lite? its at end of life. zksync era is the future.

Use mew’s built-in browser to access zigzag.

But yes, mew is horrible garbage. Use MetaMask.


Thank you, that is working!

Do you recommend if still using lite to transfer to era?

Generell recommendation, not only mine.
I had maybe 80storj to transfer.
May depend on what you want to do with the accumulated amount.

Gas is lower now, i did it pre danksharding upgrade.

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