Zk sync lite outphasing

Looks like its going to be decommissioned in the near future, here an Newsletter cited from Argent.

We’re updating you about your zkSync Lite account.

The team behind zkSync Lite have advanced to the next stage of their roadmap, a new network called zkSync Era. As part of this evolution, they’ve stopped developing zkSync Lite.

Consequently, the dapp partners that enable the ‘Invest’ section of our zkSync Lite account have also stopped supporting the network. Soon, the ‘Invest’ section will be unavailable.

To ensure a smooth transition, we strongly recommend moving your assets off zkSync Lite.

geez, how can I move funds out of lite to era?

Over a supported bridge of your choice, or always over Mainnet L1.
There are topics already, try the search.
ERA is under constant change the last month, i don’t know the actual state of the art.

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