zkSync Does not Support My Wallet (Atomic Wallet)

How do I switch to zkSync when it doesn’t support AtomicWallet?

Just use wallet connect: How to use Wallet Connect? - Atomic Wallet Knowledge Base

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This Wallet Connect seems to only be a feature on the mobile wallet and not the desktop wallet.

Hello @stricq,
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Yes, the wallet connect working only for mobile apps. The desktop Atomic wallet is not compatible with Web3, so it can’t sign messages or transactions on Web3. In this case you can use its phrase in the Metamask, and should have an access to your tokens. But perhaps you will need to create several accounts in the Metamask until you find your address (they all derived from the secret phrase).
The other way is to install their mobile app and use WalletConnect

Just to be sure…

My wallet is Atomic Wallet too. It’s compatible with “wallet connect” indeed (on mobile app).

If I enable zkSync on my nodes, will I be able to withdraw my fund in the future from zkSync Wallet | zkSync: secure, scalable crypto payments?

I’m asking because when I connect to zksync on zkSync Wallet | zkSync: secure, scalable crypto payments and try the withdrawal process (even though my zksync balance is 0.00 right now) it shows this up but nothing happens within AtomicWallet…

It stays like this for ever (waited for more than 5 minutes - I’m pretty sur it simply doesn’t work). So I’m not sure if it’s an issue with Atomic Wallet or else?

This wallet is not DApp, so it can’t work with Web3. Seems their mobile version is not better and actually doesn’t work with WalletConnect (otherwise you would be able to sign the message).
But you can at least import the private key from STORJ address to Metamask: https://atomicwallet.io/blog/news/how-to-add-metamask-with-atomic-wallet-keys
Beware - this key will not be recovered when you restore Metamask on other device later, you will need to import your private key again.

Perhaps you could restore your STORJ address with Atomic Wallet backup phrase in Metamask.


Oh god! :confused:
See, crypto stuff is already complicated as such, but L2? Boy, that’s just another layer of complexity on top of something already complicated…

I hate it :frowning:
Thanks for your reply @Alexey though I’ll have a look into it.

But really, it feels to me like L2 is just a patch-up job that should have never existed.


It just works, if you use Web3 DApps :man_shrugging:
Not all wallets can work with Web3

I do have a Metamask account too. It does work with it indeed.

But it’s really going to get hilarious if I receive funds to L2 on my Metamask address, then the day I want to withdraw from L2 to L1 I’ll have to pay massive fees so funds get deposited to my Metamask address, and then if I want to group all my fund together to my main address held on my Atomic Wallet, I’ll have to pay some massive fees again to send funds from my Metamask address to my Atomic wallet…

What a great era we live in!
I’m really not sure I want to enable zksync on my nodes.

I thought Atomic Wallet was a great modern wallet! No that modern after all are they? I guess I’ll have to ask their support chan’ why they’re not fully compatible with Web3 stuff…

If you want to withdraw to L1, why not to your destination address (not Metamask’s one)?

This Atomic wallet heat my phone and hanging almost on anything. Do you have the same? I didn’t found a way to connect the STORJ address via WalletConnect, they want to connect only ETH address.

If you have imported the private key from the Atomic Wallet address for STORJ into Metamask, you will have an access to both balances.

If you use separate addresses you will pay twice if you want to aggregate funds from both before send to the exchange for example, independently of L1 or L2. But in case of L2 you have a possibility to pay triple, but why do you need that, if you can withdraw directly to exchange (L2 → L1)?

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Hm :thinking:
My metamask address is different from my atomic one. When I set up these two wallets 3 years ago, I had no idea they could possibly target the same ETH address. And it wasn’t a problem back then anyway: fees were quite low.

Are you saying I can send my earnings to Metamask L2, and then when the day comes, withdraw them to any other L1 ETH address? (In my case that would be my Atomic ETH address).

It isn’t that terrible, but it IS slow to update and performances are poor, globally.

You can. But you can import your private key for STORJ address from Atomic Wallet to the Metamask instead. Both wallets will have an access to the same address, so you do not need to send anything to L2. Instead, you can have an access with Metamask to both balances - on L1 as usual and in addition on L2 via https://wallet.zksync.io/. The Atomic Wallet will still have an access to L1 balance only, since it’s unable to work with Web3.

After import of Atomic Wallet’s private key for STORJ address to Metamask you would have both addresses in Metamask and can switch between them. Each of them can be used on L2.

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Just my 2 cents on this:

My wallet address is also not supported by zkSync (hardware wallet with custom derivation path, Metamask doesn’t support custom derivation path). So my solution was to use new wallet. Well it is acutally still my hardware wallet but with the default address that I haven’t used before. The point is you can opt in to zkSync and switch to a new wallet address. You don’t have to opt in zkSync on your old wallet address.

The second point is that there are already some L2 exchanges available. I wouldn’t use them yet because currently you only push back the withdraw fee. Instead of withdrawing STORJ you will end up withdrawing ETH. That is not really what I am looking for but it is the right direction. Just one more step and I might be able to send L2 payments to one of my prefered exchanges without having to pay the withdraw fee.


Have you tried the WalletConnect with your hardware wallet?

Many thanks for all these details @Alexey & @littleskunk.
I think I get it now! :+1:

In short: as long as I own my ETH private keys, I can safely switch to zksync as I’ll have options to access my L2 balance (and retrieve it) later.
I’ll probably give zksync a go for next month payment then!
Cheers all :slight_smile:


Hey @Alexey :slight_smile:

Wanted to get back my L2 token to L1 today, and Atomic Wallet is still bad with WalletConnect.

For info, the link you gave 2 years back for importing AtomicWallet’s private key to Metamask is invalid, but here is the new valid one:

The procedure works well :+1:

Thanks for all that, even 2 years later :wink:

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