Zksync era and MEW wallet

Hi there. I’ve run a node for a while now. My 1st payment was an L1 transfer. I’ve connected a “MEW” wallet ( https://www.mewwallet.com/ ) and can see this payment.

I then opted into the zksync-era payments by adding this to my launch args:

I see the “zkSync Era is opted-in” message in the dashboard.

I also have a “view on zksync era explorer”: zkSync Era Block Explorer

I see a recent transfer there. However in MEW wallet, which has a section for zksync-era, I don’t see anything. Am I doing something wrong?

Do you see a transaction for your address on the zkSync Era block explorer?

There is nothing under “Transactions”. There is 1 record under “Transfers”. What’s the difference between these 2?

See Transactions.
The Transfers tab shows tokens transfers only, however, you can see a transaction for each transfer too, if you click on it.

Regarding MEW - perhaps you need to register a STORJ tokens contract address for zkSync Era Mainnet

See https://help.myetherwallet.com/en/articles/5974186-custom-tokens-on-mew-wallet
However, make sure that you selected a zkSync Era network before adding a custom token.

I didn’t find a way how to switch to zkSync Era in their web wallet and do not see a way, how to add or enable this network in the Web wallet, but you can add a custom token only in the web wallet, not in the wallet app. So I suggest you to contact their support.

By the way, this is possible with a Metamask Wallet/browser extension.

Right now seems the only way to perform transfers or withdrawals is to connect your MEW to zkSync Era Bridge and do it there. To see a balance you always may use the zkSync Era Block Explorer.

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Looks like zkSync Era is supported on MEW now?


Which cryptocurrencies/tokens and networks does MEW support?

zkSync Era (ETH rollup layer 2)

and here:


MEW wallet supports … zkSync Era natively in the app.