Zksync lite vs era withdraw fees to L1

I have been using zksync era for about 6 months now, and about 2-4 months ago, they started to make you pay twice to withdraw to L1.

  1. for the initial withdraw (very low fee, usually $2-4)
  2. After you wait 24 hours, you pay another fees from a L1 wallet using ETH to withdraw it to the destination wallet. (whatever ETH gas fees for bridging is, can range from $4-15 or more)

I wanted to check if anyone is still using zksync lite, and if it also changed to where you pay twice to withdraw.
Era did not make you pay the second fees a few months back, I was reading somewhere that they were paying the second fees before, and are no longer paying it.

Yes on Era they stopped subsidizing the gas fee for claiming on L1. The withdraw fee initiated on L2 is much lower, on the order of cents.

People should not be using Lite anymore.

You may withdraw directly to the destination wallet.

The subsidy I am referring to is by the Era network. Before they would cover the L1 claim fee on your behalf, effectively cheap withdrawals ($<1) from Era to L1. I believe this was discontinued around the Dencun upgrade.

Right now at 6 gwei the estimated fee for claiming on L1 is $5 USD, so one needs to have earned $167 USD from Era payments for the 3% bonus to cover this fee. At this point I think it would be cheaper to just accept L1 payments as ERC-20 transfers are cheaper.

The 3% should cover some amount of slippage when swapping on dex on Era though.

Oh I’m sorry, I thought you are talking about Storj.

Could it be related to a higher fees on Ethereum in general? I cannot find an info about subsidizing on zkSync side.

I’m not sure if they’ve made any official post or embedded this info in their docs, but they’ve made announcements on their discord:

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