zkSync Token platform in testing

So… I’ve been deep in research mode on zkSync and Polygon technology.

After reading wading through a lot of information, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like both technologies a lot. However, zkSync is probably the superior choice for security of tokens.

Polygon’s main problem with token security is the Bridge between Ethereum and Polygon. If the Bridge is compromised or dismantled - intentional or not - no tokens can transit between blockchains.

zkSync operates mostly off-chain. So, most of zkSync’s functionality is entirely subject to centralized operators. However, the deposited tokens never leave Ethereum mainnet. They are all held in this contract address and can be retrieved by the original depositor or whomever is the current owner according to Ethereum mainnet states. This remains true even if the entirety of the zkSync platform is taken down for whatever reason.

However, retrieval of tokens directly from the zkSync smart contract is non-trivial. To do so, one would probably need to manually write a contract on Etherscan… but, the tokens can never be lost or stolen by zkSync.

One of my main purposes for exploring Polygon is the already existing DeFi platforms.


It seems the zkSync is near the release point of a zkSync swap platform.


I attempted to connect to it, but was presented with a “Wrong Network” error and a Metamask prompt to switch to a Ethereum testnet.

This is very exciting for me!

I’ve now elected to deposit my earnings into zkSync. It looks like the zkSync will evolve rapidly enough to support my FOMO personality… which hardly ever works out well… but is fun nonetheless :slight_smile:

Therefore, while I like Polygon… I’m going to withdraw my previously expressed desire for SNO payments via Polygon for the moment. The increased assurance of token security is worth the wait for increased platform functionality.

Test ETH needs to be obtained from the testnet faucet in order to use the test zkSync swap platform. In order to obtain Test ETH from the faucet, one must place a post on Twitter. Since I don’t use Twitter, at all - ever - never - not if my life depended on it… I am unable to test the Swap Platform.

But… I might make an exception for the possible future of some type of reward for being an early adopter/tester of the platform. I have to think about that one… maybe a throw away account/blockchain address or something.


Yeah, zksync ensures ownership of tokens on the ethereum blockchain within I believe 10 minutes. While it processes a lot of the transactions off the main chain, it only temporarily relies on external trust and then writes back the entire new state to the ethereum blockchain. This is why I like zkRollups a lot. It’s what attracted me to zkSync in the first place and I believe this reliance on ethereum trust is also what attracted Storj Labs in the first place.

For more developments I can recommend joining the zkSync discord channel. They share a lot of announcements around new development and development is very active.

Polygon is definitely interesting, but I have trust issues and using it requires more trust than zkSync does. Polygon may be ahead of the game when it comes to feature support right now, but I think rollups in general and zkSync in specific is a more promising method for the future. However, writing those states to the ethereum chain costs money, it will never be as cheap as a complete side chain because of that. I’d gladly pay for that added trust though.

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10 minutes is current. Their roadmap indicates a goal of 1 minute.

For the graphically minded, I generated a diagram of my understanding of a zkSync Roll-up process…