zkSync too coinbase

Hi have use metamask in the past and then move too binance.
Wish was littel over complicated.
So like too move it too my coinbase but have some problems getting it too work
I get pay on xxxx6ba but when I try too link it too my coinbase it give me a new empty

I do it this way
Connect your L1 ETH Wallet to start
Pick Ethereum Wallet and coinbase it then open up my app and ask me too pick one more time here are I littel unsure or that right
But chose coinbase one more time
And then it the emty adress where there nothing on L2
Hope I can be understood sorry for spelling error

This is not related to storj in any way, and more suited for zksync, your wallet, or coinbase support.


There must be other with same problem but will try too ask there