zkSync wallet address to use

Hi All,

I just moving over to zkSync and just abit confused by the steps that where given to me by the instructions on the storj setup page.

So what I have done so far is setup metamask with zkSync and this is working

I am now just abit confused at what walet address i need to use… would this now be my metamask eth address of the address that is in zkSync

I can update my docker to get a new walet address but there is also this line in the config.yaml file that i am not sure if it needs to be updated too?

operator.wallet: 0x138B29C26b84aCBf1529F0906E34757d8B1552c9

does this stay the same or should it be edited?

Thanks Simon

ok so i just noticed that the address shown in zkSync is the same as Matamask eth address

but the the 1 question still remains

do i have to update the address in the config.yaml file “operator.wallet:”

You only need to update your docker run command. The line in the config file is bypassed by the entrypoint script that parses the docker run command. Only windows GUI users need to update the config.yaml file when changing address (and other parameters).

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Cheers thanks! baker

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Actually, you can edit your config.yaml and restart the node. The docker version uses config.yaml, but options in docker run have a precedence above parameters in the config.yaml.
In case of zkSync wallet option, it could be added as an option in the config.yaml or as a parameter after image name in the docker run command.

The address will be the same, unless you want to change it.