ZkSync wallet - offline?


Anyone else having issues with ZkSync wallet ?

Off course they are offline :yawning_face:

The Eth chain merge is due, and so you will find many systems offline until it looks stable, could be a few minutes, could be a few hours, could be longer…

Don’t panic, you will see zKsync back once the dust settles…


#edit: for completeness, the zKsync 2.0 is due to be rolled out about 20-30 days after the merge, so keep an eye open with regard Storj payouts…


#edit2: All back and working :slight_smile:


But I can’t use STORJ for the fee anymore when sending to Etherum?

They might activate that a bit later because they interact with some other services that might still be paused.

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You should be able to make STORJ deposits as normal over L1 Ethereum from your wallet. We do not accept zkSync STORJ deposits anyway currently. You will need to file a support ticket to request STORJ deposit as we have not yet finished implementing the new STORJ automatized deposit feature.