zkSync withdrawal fee

I was checking out the zkSync Wallet withdrawal and it looks like it has a ~20$ withdrawal fee. Is this standard or is it high right now?


You can check it there: Configuring zkSync Payments - Node Operator
I think they calculates it from the exchange rate on [probably] Uniswap.

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As it says the fee might disappear in near future. Can I simply ignore the account activation and just dump the STORJ coins? I can wait because I see the tokens as a fun thing.

What do you mean by that?

If withdraw - then - no, only alternative withdrawal maybe, but it costs much more in fee and you will pay it in ETH. This alternative withdrawal is an emergency option, when you provided an address, where you do not control the private key, like deposit of the exchange. And you can withdraw only to the same address on L1.

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I mean. If I don’t care about withdraw the Storj tokens. Can I delayed the activation payment and just store the storj tokens.

You can, it’s not like someone else can claim the wallet as it would require your key for the ethereum wallet with the corresponding address to activate. The only thing anyone else could do is pay for an emergency withdrawal, which can only be done to YOUR ethereum wallet. In which case, they’ve just saved you the withdrawal costs. :wink: So yes, you can wait.