15tb wall on storage?

Hi There,

I have been running nodes for a couple of years now and seem to have hit a wall with how much data I’m getting. I have two different ISPs (one at work and home) with my home node at 20TB(Windows) on one raid array and my work I have 2 systems one at 8TB (Linux) and one at 20TB(Windows). Both locations are roughly storing 15TB and have been that way for a few months. All the nodes are well over 15 months old and reputations are 100% with both locations are bringing in about $70 each per month. Any idears on getting more data or have I pretty much topped out even though I have 25% or more storage left?

Hi @BBQMan, this almost lines up with what other node operators are currently seeing…


I don’t want to sound negative but Don’t be surprised if the amount decreases, because lots of new nodes and the network utilization doesn’t increase at the same rate as the amount of hosts

This lines up with what I’m seeing on 2 nodes that have 30TB apiece to share. Both are at 15TB and not increasing.

So, if I do eventually fill the space I have… a new rpi node with a 14tb external HDD would maybe hit a sweet spot?

I’m not anywhere close to full… but good to know! :slight_smile:

Storage utilization has almost been standing still for a month or two now. Very slow climb on my node for the last 2 weeks or so…