2nd node on separate HDD, same computer behind one IP

I have a separate HDD available on same Windows10 computer. I hv seen that it is recommended to use one note per HDD. I am assuming that for creating this 2nd node I need to create a new identity. Correct? If correct then what shall I do with identity of 1st node. Can I just overwrite?

Yes, you’re correct that you will need another identity, however I am not sure that it is good idea to have two nodes on same IP address. I know that it will be the same, but sharing traffic between them.

Txs, yes I am aware that traffic will be shared. I now have a 2nd identity yet problem that I am now encountering is that storagenode GUI installer does recognise the 1st node and hence does not give me an opportunity to install a 2nd note. Also when NOT using the GUI installer and instead using Windows CMD prompt, the storagenode.exe file by default points to 1st node directory, hence does not work. Not sure this is going to work.

It’s not easy to run multiple nodes on the same Windows 10 machine.

You could try using the Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox

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You can run it with binary, but it’s not so convenience as a service.
You need to specify the path to the config with --config-dir option and path to the identity with --identity-dir option. However, if you would run it this way, the updater will stop to work (it cannot replace the using binary, and it can stop only default service, i.e. “storagenode”).
So, you would be forced to keep a copy of the binary for the second node in a separate place. Then update it either manually when the “main” node would be updated or install it as a service and use the separate storagenode-updater.
If you would install it as a service, you also need to copy the updater and run it with parameters to specify the path to the second binary and name of the second service (if you create a service for the second node), see storagenode-updater.exe run --help for details.
You can install the storagenode-updater for the second node as a service too.

Thanks all. I have downloaded the Toolbox and that was a great help. SO far two separate nodes appear to be working.

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