4 months and not a dime

since the price of storj is climbing, I assume the fee’s are, so at what point will i even see a pay out? 4 months is as sin with waiting, and to be honest i don’t expect to see another payout either with the dribble of data now moving through the nodes.

You will be paid when the amount that’s due to you is at least 4 times higher than current ERC20 transfer fees, at the time payments are made.

If for instance fees for next payment were to be $20, you would get paid if the amount StorjLabs owes you were to be at least $80.

The only options right now to get paid every month is to receive high amount payments, or to opt in for L2 payments (zkSync):


Here is where I like to check ETH fees (check the ERC20 line):

(When writing this, ERC20 token fees are around $25 to $28!)