New payment method launched (zkSync)


Hey Storage Node Operators! please check out the information we posted on our documentation site about the new payment option we have added support for; ZK Sync. We are excited about ZK Sync and the flexibility/ options we are providing our node operators for payouts. The documentation we added should help you decide if opting into ZK Sync payments is the right choice for you!

We also published a blog post about ZK Sync on our blog this morning!


Is Storj paying the fees on zksync when sending us payment, or is this deferring fees to the SNO receiving payment?

Either way it saves storj some major $, which is great. Hopefully this will help them inject more into the project instead of into fees.

Storj Labs still pays for the transactions, but the cost is much lower, because these are L2 transactions. There was some discussion about the withdrawal costs being higher for SNOs. But from what I can tell the difference is negligible in practice.

I looked back at my previous transfers to binance for example and L1 transfer to that address cost 51496 gas. A withdrawal from zkSync to that same address costs 52700 gas. So practically no difference. And the upside is that zkSync will allow you to pay those fees in STORJ. Which saves you the effort and transaction fees of getting ETH into the wallet to be able to move the STORJ around.


Please take a look at Cardano it would be the better long-term solution.
I don’t want to pay $2k per transaction to cash out, that’s just unbelievable!


It will not. As soon as we migrate (if it even were on consideration), it will end as now.
We tried.

The better approach until the ETH 2.0 come out is to use L2 zk Rollouts:

Why don’t you ask the whole community to find a consensus?
Isn’t the community a major part of the storj project anymore?

It’s important part. But we are business company too and should consider all risks - financial and legal.
The switch of the blockchain is not what we want, it’s not economical and technical viable at the moment.
We specified the payment method into our ToS for Storage Node Operators. You are agreed with them when you started to provide your space and bandwidth.
We can discuss anything and maybe company can take some of the suggestions to consideration.
But fiat transfers and/or switch the blockchain is not part of the plan.


Where is the storage node’s config.yaml file located, Ubuntu?

If you use a docker than in the storage location.

OK, I’ve got it, thanks.

Hi all
Just a little question. When I want to switch to zkSync. On the node-side I only have to add “operator.wallet-features: [“zksync”]”?
I don’t need to change some Wallet-ID’s or something?
Sure I need to register here “” and link for example with metamask.

Am I right?


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That’s it. It uses the same wallet as L1 payouts. When you first want to withdraw you need to register a new key pair for zkSync once for 11000 gas. It will prompt you for this automatically. But your wallet can receive tokens on zkSync prior to doing this.


Hi all!

I was forced to change wallet address!

Will be his new wallet address valid ??
Or the node ID which is connected to the wallet address is what counts towards payments?

Payouts are accumulated on the node level and paid out to the payout address set at the time of payout. As long as you’ve updated on time, you get all future payouts (including postponed payouts) on the new address.

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Ahh nice!
My wallet for my ignorance was hacked and i was worried that the payment was paid to old wallet!
Nice to know. New wallet added for payout!

Oof, sorry to hear that. I hope you didn’t lose too much, but yes, future payments should be secure.