50% Held Payment

I’ve received the regular payout amount for last month but the 50% total held amount is missing (I’m 17th months old on the network in some of the satellites). Is this payment done with the regular payout or is it done on a new transfer ?

EDIT: I can also see that in my nodes the held amount is marked as not payed:

Asia-East-1 detail

List of satellites where I’m 17th months old in one of the nodes

Thanks in advance

Could you please give me your NodeID? You can send it in private message.

I created an internal issue for the case.

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Your nodes registered 2019-11-29 on these satellites. Since 2021-02-29 doesn’t exist for the 2021, the 15 month is happened on 2021-03-01.
So, the 50% of held amount expected to be in the next payout period.