A few questions about Storj

Hello. I am exploring the storage space and I am curious about a few things in regards to Storj.

I am curious about consensus with Storj. Is the whitepaper up to date to learn more about it?

Are the ERC20 tokens just for node operator payouts?

Also, is there any place to discover total network storage and used storage?

Thanks for your time!

Hi @bucky,

Yes, you can read it here - https://storj.io/storj.pdf. The blog also has a lot of useful information - Blog | Storj and in the documentation - Understanding Storj DCS - Storj DCS.

The tokens can also be used to pay for storage usage as a customer, with the benefit of a 10% bonus - Payment Methods - Storj DCS

In short no. The last official figures were released in the Town Hall from Q4 2020 - What is the current usage space on storj total capacity? - #3 by Stob


Although not directly linked to used storage, the following website gives some other interesting figures:

seems kinda hit and miss. the chart says 22/37 but then someone mentions 60-70PB. any new data? Thanks!

thanks very much! appreciate the info.

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one more question if you don’t mind. to get total data capacity, we’d add stored with free? so currently Storj has about 16PB of capacity? if so, that’s pretty good. i imagine that puts it in the top 5 network. :slight_smile:

In terms of capacity, I don’t think it is in the top 10. In terms of “distributed”, “private”, “secure”, “practical” - it must number 1. It is also very cheap for what you get

i can’t think of many that have bigger networks. Obviously Filecoin and Bittorrent have the biggest. Chia has a lot but i don’t count them because they don’t store stuff as far as i know. Sia has 3.5PB. ScPrime has 2PB. I’ll have to dig a little deeper on the other networks but that should put Storj in the top 5. Many of these projects don’t really publish their capacity.

Thanks again for all the info. Very good stuff!

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I included Google amazon azure oracle backblaze, so we’re counting different things

Gotcha! I was just meaning blockchain based. apologies for the confusion.

The storj coin is stored in the ethereum network and isn’t really connected to storj dcs the storage side. You just get paid on a blockchain

i know. that’s how most of these crypto storage projects are. very few are actually stored on the blockchain.

And for a reason:

Ya. I noticed on chain projects like AR are quite far behind in actually having a useable product. Storj is definitely one of my favorites. thanks for the info guys.