A few questions about Storj

Hello. I am exploring the storage space and I am curious about a few things in regards to Storj.

I am curious about consensus with Storj. Is the whitepaper up to date to learn more about it?

Are the ERC20 tokens just for node operator payouts?

Also, is there any place to discover total network storage and used storage?

Thanks for your time!

Hi @bucky,

Yes, you can read it here - https://storj.io/storj.pdf. The blog also has a lot of useful information - Blog | Storj and in the documentation - Understanding Storj DCS - Storj DCS.

The tokens can also be used to pay for storage usage as a customer, with the benefit of a 10% bonus - Payment Methods - Storj DCS

In short no. The last official figures were released in the Town Hall from Q4 2020 - What is the current usage space on storj total capacity? - #3 by Stob


Although not directly linked to used storage, the following website gives some other interesting figures: