Publicly Exposed Network Data (official statistics from Storj DCS satellites)

Hey everyone!

I am super excited to share something we have been working on. One of our values at Storj Labs is “Open”. We take this seriously and are always challenging ourselves to find ways that we can be more transparent with our community and our customers. In that spirit, we have created This website provides official statistics from Storj DCS satellites for anyone to use.

If there are any other statistics you would like us to publicly expose on please let us know. this is just the starting point and we are eager to learn what else would be valuable to expose.

I want to shout out the creator of and everyone else in the community who asked for this. Thanks for pushing us to be more open and transparent. :grinning:


Great thing!

Now I wonder how many JSON parsers will fail to parse integers in the order of ~2⁵³, or hopefully bigger than that soon!

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omg this is cool ! thank you :smiley: I’m sure @kevink will have this in a grafana dashboard by end of week :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is absolutely awesome! Very much appreciated.


Kudos to the team! :slight_smile:

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Those are great stats!

btw: There are so many disqualified nodes, I was shocked :smiley: I know most of them probably were tiny nodes, possibly dqed during vetting but still… It’s more than the working nodes.

What magnitude of nodes owned by storj itself?

haha not really though. Thought about it shortly but too much work for me atm.
But if someone creates the json parser and feeds prometheus with those stats, I would add them to the dashboard, that part should be rather easy.

The accounts.json doesn’t have much information. Something like “space_used_per_account”,“buckets_per_account”,“objects_per_account”,“bandwidth_per_account” could be interesting.

You are welcome :slight_smile: We just tired pushing StorjLabs in this direction for 2 years period :grinning:
But anyway, thanks for find time and set priorities for those tasks, and make a complicated decision. Please keep moving in this direction :grinning:


These values can be easily calculated with the data provided. Just divide the totals by the number of accounts.


Woohoo, Great Work! Thanks for creating transparency, really appreciate that!

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a good stat would be how many nodes have been DQ’ed that made it through the vetting process! im going to add it to the list.


Hey, @Krey this is a great question; as a company, I think we run a hand full of nodes for testing purposes. (those nodes might not actually be connected to the main network (i can’t recall)). Many of our team members run a node like me :slight_smile: but as a company, we are focused on utilizing the excess resources from our node operator community.


This looks amazing. I wanted to see something for a long time and MAN I am so happy.



A comment on the node stats. They mainly seem to be net stats. i.e. totals.
It would also be interesting to see the monthly change figures as this would give trending information.

You can frequently scrape the data and make your own time series statistics :slightly_smiling_face:


The nodes.json gives a ‘full_nodes’ data, but there is no description of the field on the homepage. Presumably this is where a node has no free space?

The doc is already updated: full_node : number of storage nodes without free disk.


Does this include only nodes having strictly zero space/having more data than allocated, or also nodes that are so close to being full that they’re not considered as targets for new data?