Ability to use our own CNAMEs for the link.tardigradeshare.io domain

A potential premium add on thought here, but I’d be willing to pay a (small!) ongoing fee for the right to be able to CNAME fileshare.mydomain.com to the link.tardigradeshare.io domain so that I can brand the assets that are being downloaded

I’m sure this would probably be desirable to other business users too, & is also potentially a security improvement because its not obvious where the assets are hosted

Probably not a huge piece of work in the scheme of things either


if you don’t want to use the Tardigrade linksharing service but your own domain, you may want to check how to run the S3 Gateway as a static website: https://documentation.tardigrade.io/api-reference/s3-gateway#running-the-gateway-to-host-a-static-website

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I understood that the OP wants to use the Tardigrade service (and its bandwidth), but just hide the fact that he is using Tardigrade by replacing the domain name.

Yeah, exactly this - so the link sharing is perfect for us because it allows us to ONLY use tardigrade bandwidth rather than double paying BUT it would be great if we could use our own domain to access it

You can do it:

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