[UPDATE] We've launched Linkshare short URLs and static site hosting!

uplink share has a few new flags that makes sharing objects (and hosting websites) even easier!
This feature is production live on uplink v1.19.4!

Here are the new uplink capabilities:

uplink share <path> creates an access grant

uplink share --register <path> creates and registers an access grant. It uses our public --auth-service= “https://auth.tardigradeshare.io” by default.

uplink share --url <path> generates a shorter, access key-based URL. It will also --register and set the access key --public. --base-url defaults to our server “https://link.tardigradeshare.io”.

uplink share --dns <hostname> <path> prints the DNS info needed to host your own static site. It will also --register and set the access key --public. Read the tutorial on our Linksharing README to learn how to set up web hosting.

And as a reminder, if you’re going to share your objects, make sure they are READONLY! --url and --dns will create a public readonly access key for you automatically.

Try it out at let us know what you think!


Im so happy that we can share this now! I am pinning the post for a day to give it visibility.
Thanks to @jennifer and the rest of the engineering team. You have all been working extremely hard for a long time, and deserve praise for your efforts


also – tagging @vargas :+1:


SO , does there have any website hosted?
can you show some link for test.


here is a copy of storj.io but hosted on tardigrade and proxied through cloudflare :slight_smile: https://www.mytestwebsite.club/


Great to see it works. :+1:

The distant server takes 1.2+ second to respond though (whereas the original site takes something like 150ms). If it were the case for all ressources to be queried (images, CSS, JS files etc.) that would make the website very slow all in all. But these subsequent resources are actually pretty fast to be queried… I don’t get it :thinking:

Is this initial latency caused by the nature of Tardigrade?



I’m seeing the same 1.2 second TTFB time on the initial page load. Very odd.

Okay, after a false start, I just moved my personal website to it (https://www.jtolio.com/). One way you can see if it’s genuinely hosted by Storj is if you add ?wrap=1 to the URL, like https://www.jtolio.com/?wrap=1.

We also deployed connection caching. It’s still a bit slow and we’re looking into fixing it, but it should be a tad better.


@jtolio I wasn’t questioning the fact it was hosted by Storj :slight_smile:

Your website suffers from the same symptom though:

It has a 1 to 2 seconds delays before first bytes get received.
What is this “connection caching” supposed to do?

As a side note, it even took almost 3s once:

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Not the biggest issue, but for some reason the map doesn’t show up. Only the nodes.

Edit: And this is very cool functionality btw! Really great to see actual websites being pulled right from Tardigrade! And I love seeing that map. :slight_smile:


I find it really interesting seeing the fluctuations in the number of file pieces. This link from @peem started at 78 pieces when I first saw it and is now on 54 - Linkshare Object Map is live!

Not long now until a repair!

Oh waw, does this mean a piece has a TTL of a few months only before it needs repairing? :thinking:

No, it’s more related to nodes churn.

Okay but… Doesn’t it mean that on average, nodes churn causes pieces to get repaired every (let’s say for instance) 4 months or so?


I do not have such a stat. But you can try to figure out the number based on that shared video.

Thanks @BrightSilence! We have that bug logged and hope to fix it soon.

Hi @Pac, this is an interesting find. I suspect you’re right that the initial latency is caused by the nature of Tardigrade - or specifically the time it takes to open the project, at least via the linkshare server. Once the project is open, the individual resources are quickly queried. We’ll work on making this faster, but if you happen to find anything that may help, we’re all ears!


Is this bug considered fix or is it still work in progress?

When I look at a map of the explainer video then the background shows up: Explainer Video

When I look at a map that I have posted just couple of days ago, then the background still does not show: No background

Hi @jammerdan - this should be fixed now!