About Surge Payouts


As you may have heard, we’re trying to build up the Tardigrade network before we start selling it to users this fall. We need to stress test the network, which means we need more nodes—more nodes mean more bandwidth and storage capacity, which in turn lets us really put the network through its paces.

Simply put, we need to upload more data and want to stress-test the network to ensure it can handle a surge in bandwidth and data with quality nodes. Also, the more quality nodes we add, the faster the network will perform.

To help build the network up to a point where we can actually upload 5 PB of data, we’re offering all node operators surge pricing.

Here’s how the surge payouts will work:

  • If you’re a current node in good standing, you’ll receive five times the normal payout for a minimum of three months. So, if you were going to earn $5.00 in STORJ token, you would now earn $25.00.

  • If you set up your node during the surge payment window, you’ll receive four times the normal payout during the months when surge payments are active.

  • The sooner you sign up, the more you earn. For example, if you sign up for surge payouts during the final month we offer them, you will only receive the surge payout amount for that month.

Here are a few other things to note:

Invites: If you haven’t received your invite yet, we will be sending out more invites to everyone on the waitlist next week. If you don’t receive an invite, but you’re on the waitlist please contact support@storj.io after you have checked your spam for a message from hello@storj.io.

Held amount: As always, part of your node earnings will be retained and held . If your node goes down and you don’t set it back up in time, the tokens retained are used to offset the cost of repairing the files your node stored and that are now no longer accessible. We’ll be implementing a graceful exit strategy in the future, so nodes can indicate their intent to leave, without incurring any penalties.

IP filtering : There is no advantage to have multiple nodes on the same IP address or subnet. If you want to run more than one node, you can, but you’ll still get the same amount of data as both nodes would get combined. Our network design requires strong nodes that are geographically distributed—we do this in case a specific area is impacted, we’re able to reconstitute our users’ files.

Vetting period: All nodes have vetting or ramp-up period while we test and verify your node before it becomes a trusted part of our network. This is why we’re extending the surge payout for a minimum of three months so you have time to set up your node and start qualifying for file storage.

If you have any questions please visit our community or email support@storj.io.