About the Storage Node feature requests - voting category

for Storage Node Operators, or things pertaining to the Storj codebase :slight_smile:

If you have ideas to improve the SNO features, please submit as a feature request. This category is special because it’s voting enabled!

You’ll always get the best kind of feedback when your idea is expressed with clarity. Here’s how

  • Describe the use case, even if it seems obvious to you
  • Be specific about what you’re asking for, and why it will make the platform better
  • For multiple ideas, please submit separate threads. This will keep the voting organized

Our team will review the feature requests submitted and communicate with product and engineering team. We cannot guarantee that all feature requests will be implemented.

Show your support for a new feature by voting for a feature request. You can vote on topics within the category, up to the vote limit. Once out of votes, users must wait for a topic to be closed, at which point their vote will be returned to them.


Hey @jocelyn, it seems topics are no longer locked after 3 days of inactivity and as a result votes are never returned to users. I’m running up against my vote limit a lot now. I think 3 days was a little short, but perhaps locking after 7 or 14 days of no activity would be fair. Either that or perhaps raising the vote limit a bit.

thats strange! It may be a setting with the votes plugin. Ill have look at it.

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I’m out of votes now too.

Also it would be nice to get some kind of feedback about the ideas. Many topics have been closed a while ago and it would be interesting to see, what ideas might or might not get picked up. Of course I understand that for many ideas there probably was no discussion yet and there might be more important things to finish first.

I agree that its very imprtant that the community receive feedback about ideas, and have brought it up in conversations here with colleagues.I want to keep it sustainable. Would an official “tag” on threads that are under consideration, or added to roadmap be a good way to provide that insight?

Currently what the company tends to do is add things to the product in a way thats not always visisble to the community until after its complete (which can take a long time if complex). Then theres a press release or offcial announcement in the changelog, etc… I understand that isnt a robust feedback loop. Open to suggestions on how to be better. I think its important

Thank you very much.

A tag would be helpful to see how ideas develop.
However, I think tags don’t notify and you’d have to check the topic to see the progress/tag.

What do you think about a new topic “Ideas Feedback” (which only STORJlings can post in so there’s no discussion, just information) where you also post an update as soon as it is available?
This would also give a nice overview over the different ideas over time.

For example: Idea xyz was discussed and denied, so the idea topic gets the tag “denied” and a short explanation is posted in the feedback topic.
Idea xyz2 is under active consideration so the topic gets that tag and you post a short “xyz2 is under consideration” into the feedback topic so everyone gets a noticication (or at least those subscribing to the topic).

I think in many cases tags alone give a good indication. If there has been some discussion regarding different solutions, it might be nice to get some info on what solution is under consideration. And in case of something that won’t be picked up some explanation would be useful as well.

I would much prefer to have that feedback on the actual idea post though. It can be marked as solution, so it shows up right in the top post.

Btw, topics still don’t seem to close. I think it’s good to keep discussions open for a while, but we’d need more votes if we keep them open longer.

slaps forehead of course, a “solution” – I dont know why I didnt think of that first lol

I did look into the voting plugin issue that was mentioned (limitations) and wasnt able to uncover anything on why that is happening. I will try one more thing to try fixing it though

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