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Hi all,
Ive been seeing some really great and insightful suggestions from the community over time and I wanted to reply back and say thanks . Im excited to announce that we;ve made some great new hires in marketing , so I have an official place to bring this kind of feedback now! We have a new Product Marketing Director (Christine Ackley) and also a Growth Marketing Manager (Heather Allen) now. I’ve had meetings with both and they are the real deal.

Today I was in meetings with our COO (@john) and the sales team, plus with our Dir. of Product Marketing to talk about how we can capture and use insights better. I do know that there are some things already moving along, so for the next few sprints we’re working on what’s already been chosen as the focus. But the new team members are very committed to growing and increasing the community connections. We’ll be working together to figure out how that looks in action. I hope that people will continue to help us with ideas to innovate and refine as we go to market.

I think that we’ll continue to be making improvements to our feedback as they onboard. I want our link to be as strong as possible, so if you happen to see the new folks in the forum, feel free to say howdy and make them feel welcome!

Special shout out to our tireless @jammerdan for your good suggestions and good energy. I’m always amazed by your insights and creativity. And to everyone else too. IMNSHO this is the best community around.


cross-linking for easy reference. folks, feel free to add more. I know this is not complete. thank you


Wow this really sounds amazing. I really hope we get some things rolling together.

Special thanks for this:

I agree.

Very good source for all those good ideas now.

I would add:


I can’t stress enough how important the European market could become and how the idea of decentralized and secure/encrypted storage will be appealing here. Furthermore Covid-19 has shown that we - Germany in particular - are digitally a land of the apes. And massive investments and strength are going to be put into transforming the prevalent analog structures into digital ones. All this is still ahead of us here within the next years or decades. So certified GDPR compliance is IMHO a must and should be one of the top priorities to be able enter these markets and compete with AWS, Google, Microsoft etc. here.


those additional links are a good add, thanks!
I think that for the next few sprints the teams have their hands pretty full. Well, I dont think that - I know that. And of course the news hires are ramping up at the same time. What Im hoping to do is distill some of these contributions into a format thats digestible for them, and this thread is a step in that process!

It’s a wise thing to be thinking globally. I think that also this past year has introduced seismic shifts to how all of us consume, produce and think about data. 2020 was the tip of the iceberg, and as noted there are likely to be very massive investment, growth and transormation around many of the areas Storj is involved with.

one more quick sidenote since we are already brainstorming, maybe folks may have some leads or ideas, please DM me if you do!:

Im actively looking to

1.) cross build relationships & partnerships with other communities, and have been making some overtures to folks who do the same job as me, but in our partner companies or at developer-oriented communities.

2.) looking for opportunities to give tech talks, demos and tutorials. (normally we used to do a lot of live events, but the pandemic disrupted a lot in 2020). For example, we did some great co-branded events with our partner InfluxDB last year, and would love to develop more of these. Especially i you kow anyone running a community that would mesh well with ours, an introduction is always much appreciated.

What we would love the most is joint collaborations with respected developer-focused brands…on maybe some demo apps or coding projects that I could also include the community with. I have some really cool potential ideas I’m working on now that are exciting, will announce when we have firmed up dates and themes some more

Basically, the more we can show the platform to developers, the better for the future. We do know that when people see it, they like it. So getting in front of devs is important.

The reason Im bringing this to the community is partly because our team likes to be forthcoming and collaborative with you all in our process, whenever possible. It also goes back to having that global perspective. Silicon Valley is nice, but its important to think outside that bubble, and spread a wide net.

If you have any suggestions shoot me a DM :call_me_hand: (@jocelyn)


I would also add this link:


Because the main idea would be to transform Storj into an integrateable 1-click platform for other projects. There are some decentralized projects and at one point many of them have the idea of using the storage of their nodes as cloud space for whatever. I think it would be a nice idea, if there was an easy solution Storj could be integrated into such projects easily instead of every project develops its own solution.

So for example with Theta, the could integrate it into their client. And any of their clients would be able to decide if they want to act as Storj storage node be simply switching the feature on or off without any additional hassle.

Edit: Added this for a second reason. It seems that transcoding jobs are now also available. This puts Theta into a very similar position like Videocoin which Storj Labs already partners with: https://medium.com/theta-network/theta-edge-node-adds-new-video-transcoding-jobs-the-first-step-in-theta-tackling-the-1-1b-3b224e4afc72

Also as the article mentions

To begin with, we will be testing with sample videos to track reliability, speed and efficiency, and then moving to actual uploaded videos from Theta.tv and over time expanding to external customers.

which makes me wonder where do these Theta.tv videos get stored today? Maybe I have overlooked this but I don’t see that these are stored on the Theta Edge Node or Theta Guardian Node.

Maybe this opens an additional way of cooperating with them if they would store these videos on Tardigrade instead on ??? (Maybe AWS???) where they are stored today maybe?

would it be a good idea to do something similar to drop box at similar pricing with 1tb space on average people would use a lot less space and under 5% retrieval so it would be profitable when averaged over thousands of users right now it seems that its only marketed at big company’s

this is distributed storage aimed at a small number of big users why not have the users just as distributed ?

if you had 1000 users at $10/ month ( $10,000) users that used 50% of there 1tb and downloaded 10% every month the network cost would be $7250 according to tardigrade but the payments to SNO would only be $2,500

so clearly you guys have the potential to run a very profitable business if anyone could still make a profit paying you retail price and still making 25%

StorJ provide the storage platform and others can create the end user service:

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