Idea about amazing school partnerships


I just got this crazy long term idea where Storj could partner with schools and help them to set up project groups where they run storage nodes.

This could be done with relatively inexpensive Odroids with like 2Tb HDDs.
This could be an amazing experience for pupils, learning about Linux, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, Open Source and so on…


That’d be cool :slight_smile:

The hardest part is probably going to be finding teachers who understand all of that good enough to teach pupils… ^^


Thats an interesting idea. I did suggest internally a while back that we should look into partening with some bootcamps. One of the engineers here pointed out that in a lot of those programs everyone works on the same project. And I know from my own experiences teaching that people tend to use what they are trained in & it becomes a standard in each persons toolset.

I was thinking more from the tardigrade side, but running storage nodes is an intriguing thought, as well.

If that did happen, it would be really cool to have a section of the community that was welcoming to the students, and maybe even geared toward lesson plans! :woman_student:

It would require some serious calculation as probably schools would need to purchase the required hardware thus doing exactly the opposite of what Storj normally recommends.

So it must be looked at how such a partnership could be valuable for both sides.

Schools could benefit from an interesting project, teaching students about Linux, cryptocurrencies, internet, decentralization. And they could even earn some bucks from the Storj token. But in general it could be a lot of fun. A node is a bit like a digital version of a pet. But even better, as you can potentially earn from them and don’t have to clean up after them. :joy:

For Storj it depends to what extend such a partnership could be carried out. They could donate hardware like Odroids to interested schools. There would be more nodes available (Such a project could be used to bring nodes in areas where there not many nodes yet). And such a public private partnership could of course bring a lot of positive media attention.

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Considering how many times I had to fix my nodes in the past, I wouldn’t say that lol

Nodes need 24/7 monitoring to make sure nothing goes wrong. And any issue needs to be addressed ASAP. I’m unsure that’s compatible with school schedules and student’s “dedication”.

But nevertheless, worth investigating what could be done in this field.

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