How amazing would it be to begin truly competing for warm/cold storage data in the enterprise

This is an interesting point I hadn’t even considered.

I am a data scientist and work for a data science / big data company in San Francisco. We regularly work with hundreds of TB of data to solve problems across Google/AWS/Azure and their ecosystems. I have been working with data science and big data for nearly 7 years and have never even heard of STORJ. I still would be unfamiliar with it if it weren’t for my interest in crypto.

How amazing would it be to begin truly competing for warm/cold storage data in the enterprise. Based on the tardigrade website, it looks like that is the goal, yet, STORJ has not been successful in educating the target market. Is STORJ really ready for enterprise data? If so, what type of data?

I just did a google search for big data aws s3 competitor and scanned the first 5 page results, STORJ / tardigrade was nowhere to be found, even Alibaba cloud was there. There seems to be no native interoperability with Azure Data Lake or Google Cloud Storage. Many customers of ours are looking to alleviate cost pressure from traditional cloud storage vendors and to duplicate their data outside of a single cloud provider. Even if Tardigrade is not the immediate answer for warm/hot data, it seems like a great competitive option for cold storage like AWS Glacier.

I get this post may be better served on another forum thread (happy to repost) but I wanted to throw this out there given the current context and get additional thoughts.

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Interesting read that might help you.


Very interesting. Would love to hear more about that.
I have made many suggestions in the past which markets Storj Labs could target:

And there is more to come.


I would like to post it here:

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