When will Tardigrade going mainstream?

I wondering when adoption from Tardigrade go up?
I never see some advertising in computer newspapers like ct in Germany.

What’s Storj plan? Do Storj think the product is still not ready for mainstream?


From the sounds of your question you would like Tardigrade to advertise to individual customers? If that’s the case this would be poor use of resources as single customers are ‘small’ in relative terms for a service like Tardigrade.

The current approach is to create partnerships and integration for existing companies with many customers, who would have a ‘large’ storage requirement.

Also Tardigrade is still in active development with new customer requested features being added, e.g. reducing the need for customers to run their own gateway:


But maybe it is more about raising awareness for Tardigrade. Take the Filezilla integration for example. As a user I still have to sign up with Tardigrade. So users must learn about its existence to make an informed decision on it. And for that it ‘might’ be not wrong to advertise to reach certain decision makers, developers, or else who can make decisions to use Tardigrade for large storage requirements.

I think we’ll agree to disagree. Advertising for ‘awareness’ has huge financial costs involved. The existing partnerships are doing exactly what you want:

The people who use Fastly, FileBase, Duplicati, etc. are exactly the type of developer or integrator Tardigrade would be suitable for as they already use a cloud services, the integration is already available (and documented) and they have a requirement for cloud storage.

Separately the pandemic has stopped a number of the in-person conferences which would have been ideal places to “reach certain decision makers”. The equivalent virtual events put the product in front of other decision makers/developers:


It really depends on what you do. At least I am not talking about billboard campaigns or something.
Some ideas are really simple and inexpensive: Let customer stream the promotion video

Or look at this: FileZilla Pro
I cannot see any mentioning of Tardigrade or Storj, while all competitors are listed. Why is there no video? Directly streaming from Tardigrade? However I do admit in the Filebase docs there a video, however streaming from Youtube again.

In my opinion it also would not hurt to have key targeted internet advertising. Looking at articles like this that target professionals in the media industry, banner or some comment advertisement would not do wrong.

Yes certainly and there is no questioning at all that partnerships are also a key, but these people too must learn that Tardigrade exists and what it is and what it can do better. And for that you need awareness.

But I agree that Covid-19 probably made it much harder to meet in person with important people to promote the service.

keep in mind a company rarely turns a profit for the first two years from it’s launch…
so given that we are 1 year into the launch of tardigrade, i’m not sure mass adoption is on their minds right now… i’m sure they would love to see it… but getting there and even supplying it…
might be an issue… mass adoption would mean going viral… storj would have more customers than nodes in like a day.

i don’t think storj wants to market tardigrade on the consumer market, because of how distributed storage works on a global scale, Tardigrade provides global storage infrastructure, replacing the need for using multiple datacenters and the need for high levels of redundancy.

it’s simply not a private backup solution, its a global high redundancy storage network, which is what it makes economical sense for it to be used for.

Customers for Tardigrade would be Projects and Companies like.
Universities for global research access and secure redundant storage
the 1 kilometer array, Hubble Space Telescope, Human Genome project, James Web…
basically anyone that has important data they want to make sure will not get damaged, or have downtime while requiring a global infrastructure for data delivery.

could potentially be streaming services, movie industry, security cameras… there are lots of things that could make good usage of it… but there are equally many things or people that have nearly no advantage of using it, in which case Tardigrade storage is expensive.

if Tardigrade ever will go “mainstream” is questionable, because mainstream doesn’t really require global infrastructure for their data storage, but mainstream might utilize access to the data on the network… so in that sense one could see it as be able to go mainstream…

that would be if Tardigrade might be utilize by somebody like Netflix, ofc might be easier to get in with the newer upstarts like… that streaming platform made by youtubers basically, the name escapes me right now… not ever sure if it was actually made by youtubers anyways, it certain seems to have become quite popular among them.

The streaming you mention is a feature request, the actual video is the ‘awareness’. Whether it streams or not - either someone watches it or they don’t.

Adding a link on the FileZilla Pro page would be handy, and show visibility among other cloud storage providers.

Due to Tardigrade being less than a year old I don’t think paid advertising is the best use of resources. I prefer that the investment is made to improve the service offering, which is why the Gateway-MT is a really exciting development.


If you stream the video from Tardigrade you would certainly make a viewer aware of the fact that he is watching a stream from Tardigrade. You simply want a potential user to see that the idea of decentralized storage works.

I’ll agree that you need a working product otherwise brand building is difficult. But there are working integrations now, there is the need of customer demand and creating a strategy for that and start to implement it e.g. with steps that I have described would help and certainly not require that many resources that development would have to be stopped.

We should finish the Gateway MT first, then you can use it in the FileZilla Pro. The usage of Gateway MT in 2.7x times faster than a traditional native Tardigrade connector (because of expansion factor), but coming with a cost of server-side encryption instead of client-side encryption. We are still working on client-side encryption for Gateway MT though.