Storj x InfluxDays - July 16, 2020

InfluxDays Time Series Data & Applications Conference

Thursday, July 16, 2020 2:00 PMThursday, July 16, 2020 8:00 PM

InfluxDays is the industry’s only event focused on the impact of time series data.

Attend this year and find out why time series databases are the fastest growing database segment providing real-time observability of your solutions.

You will also gain first-hand knowledge and inspiration from InfluxDB community members to help you build and optimize your DevOps infrastructure and application monitoring, real-time analytics, and IoT applications for maximum business value.

featured speaker

John Gleeson

Vice President of Operations | Storj Labs International, SEZC

John Gleeson is Vice President of Operations at Storj Labs International, SEZC. John is responsible for direct sales, partnerships, customer success, community, product management, and data science as well as growing the international presence for the Storj decentralized and distributed cloud storage network. He is responsible for operationalizing core processes to ensure the business scales as the company and network grow. He established and operates from the company’s international Cayman Islands office. John has a BA from the University of Michigan and a JD from Wayne State University.

featured speaker

Dr. Ben Sirb PhD

Senior Data Scientist | Storj Labs

Ben joined Storj in April of 2018, bringing 6 years of experience in academia, research, and consulting. Drawing from his knowledge of probability theory, Ben has been instrumental in researching the theoretical foundations and practical applications of decentralized networks at Storj. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Georgia State University, where his research focused on decentralized algorithms and optimization. Ben, his wife Julia, and baby girl Olivia call Atlanta home. Outside of work, Ben enjoys playing chess poorly, exploring new food options in the city, and discovering new downtempo and electronic pop on Spotify.

:white_check_mark: Hear practical advice and insight from the engineers and developers behind InfluxDB, the leading time series database.

:white_check_mark: Learn from real-world use cases and deep technology presentations from leading companies in Europe.

:white_check_mark: Uplevel your skills by attending the hands-on training focused on Flux, the new data scripting and query language, the day before the conference.

:white_check_mark: Explore complementary technologies such as visualization tools, machine learning frameworks, incident management solutions and enterprise-grade hosting services in the partner showcase.

:white_check_mark: Network with like-minded developers using InfluxDB to solve a variety of use cases.