VIRTUAL MEETUP: Storj at DWeb: Decentralized Storage comes of age! May 13, 2020

DWeb Meet Up (Virtual)-- Decentralized Storage Comes of Age




DWeb Community: the values and technologies of the Decentralized Web have never been more important.

Join us for our first Virtual DWeb Meet up: Decentralized Storage comes of age ! We’ll hear from leaders of Storj Labs and Protocol Lab’s Filecoin as they move toward enterprise-level decentralized storage, preserving the data we need to fuel scientific collaboration, education, and AI. In the words of Filecoin:

Decentralizing…massive troves of data is the best way to ensure their proper storage and preservation. No single hard drive can manage this much data alone. And relying on huge data centers controlled by giant tech platforms increases the risk of loss or damage.

EVENT FORMAT: We need less sitting and listening in online meeting rooms and more interacting! Networking! Meeting new people! So registered participants will receive 2 video presentations to watch beforehand. Our 90-minutes together will be focused on small break out groups diving into different areas of decentralized storage–from censorship, governance, developer collaboration to business models.

We’ll start with some 1:1 networking time, and end with more group fun.



Ben Golub, Executive Chairman and CEO at Storj Labs
Shawn Wilkinson, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Storj Labs

Founded in 2014, Storj is perhaps the longest-lived decentalized storage organization in the ecosystem. They recently released their V3 Network with enterprise service level partners.

Come hear the lessons learned, find out how you can build on top of STORJ or become a node, dive into the thorny governance issues of decentralization, and explore business models with the first enterprise-level decentralized storage network.


Michelle Lee, Protocol Labs, Storage & Developer Tools Lead

Late last year, the Filecoin Testnet launched. This week, the Filecoin Discover program launched, to incentivize early miners to store open source data (including some from the Internet Archive!) in exchange for Filecoin. In the first day, 600 miners ordered 700 drives, generating 5.6 Petabytes of distributed storage.

Come talk to Filecoin community leaders and developers about how to engage with this new storage network and build collaborations–with nonprofits, startups and established tech orgs.

BREAK OUT GROUPS: Our goal is to get people talking to each other! You’ll be able to select and jump between these small group discussions:

  • #1: Developer Workshop: Storj — learn how to build on top of Storj and meet others who have
  • #2: Governance – how do we handle issues with take downs and build in censorship resistance, when there is no central points of control?
  • #3: Becoming a Storj Node – Do you have excess storage capacity–whether terabytes or petabytes? Come learn how you can particpate and meet others who already are providing capacity as a node.
  • #4: Economics – With Amazon, Microsoft, Wasabi-- how do we make a business model for decentralized storage? What are the lessons learned?
  • #5: Developer Workshop: Filecoin – learn how to build on top of Filecoin and meet others who have
  • 6: Becoming a Filecoin Node – Do you have excess storage capacity? Are you interested in the Filecoin Discover program? Come learn how to get started and meet others who already have.
  • #7: Collaborations – storing open data, authenticating provenance, providing redundancy for preservation. These are often the goals of key nonprofit Open Knowledge organizations. Come learn how people across many spectrums can work together for safer, more resilient and reliable data storage.

SCHEDULE: (all times are Pacific Time)

DWEB NODE TIMES: SF: 10:00 AM / Austin: Noon / Boston: 1 PM / Sao Paulo: 2 PM / London: 6 PM / Prague-Berlin: 7 PM / Perm: 10 PM / Shanghai: 1 AM next day / Sydney: 3AM next day / Auckland 5 AM next day

10:00 AM PT: Welcome

10:10-10:30 AM: 1-on-1 Networking: meet new friends in individual break outs

10:30-10:45 AM: Overviews by Ben Golub, Shawn Wilkinson, Michelle Lee

10:45-10:55 AM: Break–time to get to your break out group

10:55-11:30 AM: Pick from 7 different small group discussions

11:30 AM: Come back to the main room for more networking, and fun!

Write to with questions, to volunteer, or more. We need more Online facilitators, so please help out!



I also want to point up to anyone who’s interested in helping with this event as an Online Facilitator – you can email in advance and tell her we sent you! I would especially love for our SNOs here to hop into the breakout discussions and talk about your real-life experiences with running a node. Hope to meet you there this Wednesday

our event is happening in 1 hour from now - we hope that you will be able to join – deets in OP

I am sharing the link to my presentation deck below, for anyone who is interested

Since I dont know exactly how the event will turn out, I figured it made sense to pull a few main points from our discussion and maybe use those as discussion points for the group. But then if the conversation is moving slowly, I have the longer points as well later in the deck.

Im hoping it will be a lively conversation between peers though. thats better than a lecture :slight_smile: So feel free jump in and keep it positive and informative!

Slide 7 and 10 seem to be duplicates :wink:

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fixed, thanks brightsilence

to prevent zoom bombing the DWeb zoom mods are letting in people 1 by 1, checked against the list of registrants

to folks joining the breakout rooms at this event, there will be a slight delay as they spin up the separate meetings, due to Zoom configuration

here are the new Zoom links
SNO meetup

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the event! Zoom hiccups aside, it was fun for the team to meet the members, and the talks were interesting

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The Meetup was faster than I expected, but if anything was unclear for the Archive team, the documentation, the Storj Town Hall/tutorials/live demos Youtube channel and of course the forum with the staff and some of the greatest S.N.O. (+hot topics, troubleshooting and monitoring tools and checking scripts), will spinning rock.

And for the Archiving team wishing being a node, if you come there, you’re welcome and also free to ask us questions !

We’re a great, friendly and responsive community!

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Yes and I would like to add that I would gladly hop on a followup zoom to answer questions from a SNO perspective if there is a demand for that.


Sadly I couldn’t participate, it looks like it was interesting.

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Do you guys have the link of the recorded session?.. YouTube?

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hey @jcn50 I actually was intouch with Internet Archive today, and I know that there will be a writeup for sure, although I dont think there is a video releas planned of the individual talks. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future - we had a really good time participating

Hi @jocelyn , thanks for your answer! I have found the Storj Labs YouTube channel (where you appear too):

But remember than any content is good content and none should be trashed (also because not everybody can be attending a live event).
Take care//

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