Our virtual meetup is in 15 hours from the timestamp on this post!

Its going to be a really great event! Admission is free, but please sign up at the Event Brite for the Zoom link!

VIRTUAL MEETUP: Storj at DWeb: Decentralized Storage comes of age! May 13, 2020

We’ll have live speakers Ben Golub and Shawn Wilkinson.
Afterward, join one of the 7 breakout rooms, on SNOs, dev, governance and other cool topics

I’ll be facilatator of the SNO room, John Gleeson and Shawn will also be running Zoom rooms where you can meet and interact with participants. Plus there is also a dev workshop.

We hope you can make time to join for this collab with dWeb Internet Archive

special shoutout to @cmdrd, @pentium100 @peem @stuberman @brightsilence, @sgc and @beast for your input on the thread What should a newbie understand about being a SNO?

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Special “guest” is here :smiley:


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Who can refuse after a personal shoutout :wink: Of course I’ll be there!

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It may be a stupid question, but I have to ask it :slight_smile: . Is this supposed to be text chat or voice chat or something else?

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Both, on Zoom (with the text chat beside). :wink:

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