[EVENT] Storj at python.pizza

This Saturday , April 25!

Saturday, April 25, 2020 5:12 PM

Saturday, April 25, 2020 5:22 PM

Tickets: 30EUR €. All proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders

Registration at https://remote.python.pizza/

Python Pizza is a micro conference organized by the Python Community.

And this one is a truly special edition, a virus won’t keep us apart!

We decided to use this unfortunate circumstances to give something back: all proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders.

We believe in and encourage practical sessions, in which developers share their experience and lessons from real-world projects, each talk is 10 mins long.

50 speakers will each give 10-minute talks on all things Python

Jocelyn Matthews from Storj Labs will present “Python Bindings for a Decentralized Cloud Object Storage Network”"

Tickets 30EUR, with financial aid options for those who need it. All proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders

Registration at https://remote.python.pizza/

Schedule (time is UTC!)

  • Welcome and opening

  • On the Meaning of Version Numbers

  • Route Onions With Pythons

  • commitizen-tools: What can we gain from crafting a git message convention?

  • Memory address in python

  • Fake News’ Foe: Fighting fake news with Python, ML and twilio

  • Just-in-Time with Numba

  • Social distancing from your system’s dependencies in a healthy way

  • Game maths in 10 minutes

  • Break - 09:48

  • Composition over inheritance in Python :cheese::tomato::garlic::broccoli:

  • Python development for Windows

  • Ice Crystal Impact Analysis using Tkinter, Multiprocessing, OpenCV and Matplotlib

  • Python Gotchas

  • Import Anything: Playing with Python’s Import System

  • Do you want your tech profitable, ethical, useful or reliable

  • Dependency injection in Python

  • The hidden truth of soft skills: make them work for you

  • Python, let’s go home. Quickly.

  • Ten Things You Should Know About Spacy

  • Pizza! - 12:00

  • An AsyncIO Web app in 10 minutes with Starlette

  • piwheels: a Python package repository for Raspberry Pi

  • Everything You Know About MongoDB is Wrong

  • sudo python is a trap, use isolate mode

  • All Hands on Deck - Handling Security Issues

  • Roman Numbers > API Design >> Word Embeddings

  • Give your data classes super powers with pydantic

  • How to Teach Python to Beginners: A Guide for Python Experts

  • How to be Pythonic? Design a Query Language in Python

  • Break - 14:48

  • Control JupyterLab from Python notebooks

  • Building smarter solutions with no expertise in machine learning

  • Connecting more dots

  • Burnout/depression in quarantine

  • Flying Pandas - Dask, Modin & Vaex

  • Serverless Functions in Python: A Simple Introduction

  • Script server: dynamic web UI for

  • Introduction to web scraping with scrapy!

  • TONIC - Autonomous, Visual-SLAM based robot in Python

  • How to write a custom scikit-learn estimator

  • Pizza! - 17:00

  • Configuration Management with Dynaconf

  • To comment or not? A data-driven look at attitudes toward code comments

  • Scraping and analyzing PGA Tour golf data with Python

  • pybr i18n: Bringing python for those who do not speak english

  • Getting Started with Web Scraping

  • Random Matrix Music Maker

  • Python Bindings for a Decentralized Cloud Object Storage network - Jocelyn Matthews - 19:12

  • Everything You Wished You Didn’t Have to Know about Numbers in Python

  • Functional Meets Objects

  • Teaching test-driven development with pytest

  • Break - 20:00

  • TimeSeries Databases and Pandas DataFrames

  • Life without pip install :scream:

  • GPU accelerated Crossfilter Vizualizations in Python

  • Closing - 20:48

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