Activating gracefulexit

How to activate gracefulexit correctly?
Does this feature already work?


Why do you want to leave Storj ?

I do not want to leave the project.
Other participants had problems with databases
And since there is no solution to this problem either, one of the options is considered as gracefulexit.


ANOTHER solution is to post your (your friend’s) issue in a thread and let other SNOs & support staff help you (your friend) out. Leaving Storj because of corrupt database does not many any sense.

The problem is that the node no longer sees the actual occupied space. and the disk space has run out.
the node has a size of 1 TB.
How to solve this problem?

Can you show output of docker logs --tail 20 storagenode ?

does anyone know what the timeline is for the activation of graceful exit is

Older documentation said you could trigger graceful exit after 15 months of your node being online, but more recent communication suggested this period may be shorter. @littleskunk what’s the latest on this?

Or did you mean when the feature will be available to begin with? I saw in another topic that that should be pretty soon now.

We will start with 6 month and later increase it to 9 month. The long term goal is 15 month. I will try to make the transition as transparent as possible so that everyone can decide to call graceful exit before the next increase is getting deployed.


why there is 15 month for gracefull exit? even if someone has 2-3 month data it much cheaper for Storj to give people gracefull exit than repair all data.

so as of now graceful exit has not been implemented hope it will soon be thanks

Let take the other extreme and allow graceful exit on the first day. I am a dirty cheater. I will setup 100 storage nodes on my system and each month I call graceful exit on the storage node that has the worst traffic / used space ratio. I will spin up a new node instead. Over time my overall traffic / used space ratio will increase. I will abuse graceful exit to maximize my profit. You will be forced to do the same or you end up collecting the data I am giving away.
I am ready for it. Let the game begin :smiley:

Graceful exit is implemented but disabled at the moment.


You already ahead of the game knowing people will for sure be cheating to try to make the most money they can. But you know they are going to do it right when its 6months so its going to happen right in the beginning of it.

The longer that time frame is, the more you will be sacrificing good reputation and the more this traffic / stored space evens out. I think 6 months is already fairly safe and 15 will definitely be. It also adds an incentive to not build short term nodes, but keep them online consistently or you will by definition be losing a lot of payouts in escrow.

The deal with the 6 month is that we want at least a few nodes to call it in order to see how good the system works. We might discover some bugs. I would like to see them now and not 9 month later. So it is a tradeoff. Long term we target for 15 month.


I would propose that for SNOs during the beta phase you add a shorter option.
In my case I had one node running almost from day one, then due to a memory issue on my NAS / Synology it stalled for 12 hours (yes, you could argue my fault) and during that time I was paused / disabled on two satellites. As these two were production satellites I now setup a second one on the same system, in a week it’ll be all vetted as well and then I would love to ‘transition’ over to the new node… and graceful exit would be a good option for that. But keeping it running in parallel for months and months seems overkill.

Sounds like that initial 6 month time frame would be perfect for you then right?

Sounds like we have one of the first testers. Please report back on how it goes when you decide to go that route. I’m curious to know what the process is like for SNOs.

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