Add more space for August

I setup a node in July and now my node run out of space. I want to add more HDD for that node. how can i do that? And do i have to stop the node and update the new space for every month (sorry for my English)

Stop the node, remove the container and change the options in your start (run docker) command.

And you don’t need to do this every month if you set the maximal available space from the beginning.

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Is it possible if i change the storagenode folder location?

You would still need to move the existing data from where it is currently to the newly assigned location. As v3 does audits on the data, the data needs to remain accessible. If you’re moving to a bigger drive, then yes so long as you copy the data over to the new location you specify. But you cannot specify a new location and not move the data without causing all audits to fail and your node to be disqualified.

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don’t forget to also move the identity folder to the new disk if the old disk will no longer be accessible, and also make the corresponding change in the --mount parameter of your docker run command for both storage and identity folder locations. This is all described in detail in the setup guide.

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In the future when stopping your node always use the -t 300 parameter to prevent corruption.

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