Add multiple hard drives - Fritz! Box 9591 CABEL - NAS

Hello everybody
I am a new user in this area I got v3 up and running 2 hours now how long does it take until man is online?

Much more important is my concern to 2 hard drives I only got one hard drive to add How do I get the second hard drive added?

Then I have Fritz! Box 9591 CABEL as a router with NAS with two USB3.0 hard drives !!!
Can you add them to your computer and get them up and running without the pc having to be online ???
Or do I not need to think about it ???

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when the node is created and can connect, it will go online immediately…

not sure if you can add multiple drives / folders to the node… would be a nice feature actually…

in the worst case you can add the drives in a span, which is basically just two drives becoming “1 partition”, its not exactly how it works… each drive will function separately and the location is just one place.
however incase of a lost drive, then your node will be totally screwed…
and so if a drive has 1-2% chance of dying each year… then two drives is 2-4% … so after adding a few drives redundancy becomes a major issue…ofc with 2 drives it might run for 10 years… tho odds get pretty bad towards the end.

but i wouldn’t be to worried about just making a span volume out of them for the node… you can even add drives later with that, if you want… just keep in mind, eventually one drive will die and the node will be fucked.

Do not add drives as span. With one disk failure the whole node is lost @SGC

You can connect them to your PC, but you can’t use them for storagenode. It’s not compatible neither SMB nor NFS. The only working network protocol is iSCSI. Your router doesn’t support it.
The router is just a router. It doesn’t able to run a Docker and do not have enough RAM and have a weak CPU. It’s unable to run the storagenode.
If you want to have a NAS, then you should buy it or build it.

not sure how i missed the whole NAS router thing…

think it was because i just read that it was up and running…
which is why i suggested a span, because the odds are fine with 2 drives and the drive can be added directly onto an existing node without any issues…

personally i run raidz1 on 5 drives for my node, and i would recommened few other solutions than something like that for reliable data storage.

Please. Do not use the span.

yeah you are right… with the current demand on the harddrives… running single drive for storj hosting seems like a bad idea, puts way to much strain on the drive… :smiley:
Feel better now?

It’s about the bad experience, so sorry for my accent on this.
I have lost data in the past because of spanned drives.
So, I’ll suggest people to do not use it for anything except temporary data, like a browser cache.

you are totally right, personally i’m done with trying to store even semi important data on single drives, it does degrade over time, after learning the nitty gritty on how data storage works, i would say today i wouldn’t trust much else aside from zfs with atleast 1 drive redundancy… if i could spare more i would, but for now that’s something i’m working towards.

5 with 1 redundancy doesn’t seem totally unreasonable for my use case, but i would perfer 10 with 2, but i’ve been told that also comes with issues when trying to resilver a degraded zfs array.
20% capacity seems like a sensible loss to get 1 drive redundancy and i got 12 bays in my server.
so i can do 2 vdevs of 5 drives with 1 redundant, which should allow me to migrate data from one vdev to another and thus upgrade without backing myself into a corner and ofc then i also have 2 spare bays for stuff like hot spares, or simply to add something like adding a 12-16tb drive which could store my current vdev of 5x3tb drives.
so yeah i get what your are saying…

storing data reliablly is quite tricky, especially if one wants to keep functionallity, performance, upgradeability and costs in a balanced range.

Thinking of getting a 36bay shelf next…
HALP! i’m becoming a professional datahorder… xD

It’s always a triangle :slight_smile:
take a look on

i got a list of those blog posts i yet have to read buit its added, ran a v2 node for a brief while and now came back for v3, with some proper hardware and capacity to run a great node.
only 5 weeks into v3, and didn’t get much further before the v3 storj rebuild was announced and i shut down to upgrade and tinker.
so will be fun to see where this hobby goes :smiley:
maybe ill end up having a small datacenter.

oh and so far as i can determine everything this side of the aether is triangles… xD

And now you know why :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your replies

I once needed someone who can speak German have problems with storagenote v3 in the dashboard after 4 days is still offlin status what I’m doing wrong in the Fritz box for the pc port release
What am I doing wrong

storjshare installation setup only goes up to port check then nothing happens although I have clicked further what am I doing wrong

urgent german user help via email or messanger no matter please suggest i get me the messanger you want to use

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Why don’t you use the directly installed MyFritz service? Updates the fastest after everything I’ve tested.

Ever tested whether the ports are really accessible?

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Port [14002] is closed on
Port [28967] is closed on
autoportsetting is aktiv waht make i wrong
waht can i make for port open ?
Exposed Host setting aktiv not good or ???
Closed Port 80 is closed on
every port is status closed why ???
over hostadress is agin all ports closed why!!! i dont now waht is the wrong setting ???
Open Port 21 is closed on

Open Port 22 is open on

Open Port 23 is closed on

Open Port 25 is closed on

Open Port 53 is closed on

Open Port 80 is open on

Open Port 110 is closed on

Open Port 115 is closed on

Open Port 135 is closed on

Open Port 139 is closed on

Open Port 143 is closed on

Open Port 194 is closed on

Open Port 443 is closed on

Open Port 445 is closed on

Open Port 1433 is closed on

Open Port 3306 is closed on

Open Port 3389 is closed on

Open Port 5632 is closed on

Open Port 5900 is closed on

Open Port 6112 is closed on

if i where to hazard a guess, then there is a reason you are using dns… your online ip is dynamic
thus it will change everything you reboot the router or so… most likely you did just that, rebooted the router or some such thing… ofc it doesn’t have to be at your end… alas it doesn’t change anything…

your ip have move away from what its set at in the, not sure how you keep it updated, but you should start out by checking the ip the redirects to is the current ip…
then when that is fixed and the node is running, you can start figuring out why it didn’t discover your ip was moved and move with it…

Your DynDNS is not set up properly. Go to the DynDNS tab in your screenshot and fill in your account details. That should keep your IP updated when your router reconnects. At the moment doesn’t resolve to your IP. It should match the IP you see in your router under “Internet”.

Don’t enable “Selbstaendige Portfreigaben” and “exposed host”. It’s not required for STORJ to run and is a security risk, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also, only port 28967 TCP is required for STORJ, you should not forward port 14002 as this exposes the web gui to the whole Internet.

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I am noob and never tried this before, i just ordered the Raspberry Pi 4 today to use it for Storj, my question is: is it possible to connect 2 harddisks to the Raspberry Pi and use both for Storj ? or is it only possible with 1 harddisk? I plan to use SSD disks

It’s possible but I don’t know how well it’ll work. The pi4 could actually do well I guess.
Using ssd does not make much sense because you need at least 500GB of available space.

i plan to go for 1 or 2TB disks

I’d suggest starting with a single 1 or 2 TB HDD and then you’ll get a feeling. Just don’t buy those drives :smiley: Use ones you have anyways.
And read more in the forum to get more information.