Add multiple hard drives - Fritz! Box 9591 CABEL - NAS

You do know the earnings estimator is not relevant to current earnings… ?
you should expect something like 1½$ pr TB stored and the maybe if we are lucky 5-10% egress of the stored data… thus you end at a current profit of about 2.5$ earned pr TB stored over a month.
might take a long time if you even can make your investment and expenses back.
but ill assume that you have done some sort of back of the envelope math on if your setup is viable.

Don’t use that.

Why do you have so many port forwarding entries? It’s supposed to look like this:

Please also create an inbound firewall rule in windows (for the same port).

Probably your cable ISP does not like certain DDNS services. You can always try out myfritz instead of No-IP…

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The pi4 has trouble powering two ssds when they are writing. It also has trouble powering a single ssd if it is a high power one. There is only ~3W available on the usb ports.
If you go for two you will need to arrange extra power either by self powered hub, powered USB-SATA or USB backpower.

i.e. crucial ct960m500ssd : 960GB SATA 6Gb/s 5V 1.7A - it will read on the pi4 but not write

i would say if one is planning on connection multiple harddrives to a pi4, then some kind of smart power supply might be a good idea, most dumb powersupplies will most likely add to the power bill…
and i assume using a pi4 and ssd’s is an attempt to minimize the powerbill on the storagenode.
also i would make sure the powersupply can support a good deal more drives than you add, just in case you want more later… limiting the number of powersupplies can in most case help you limit your wattage required.

ofc figuring out exactly what to put together becomes a bit of a sciency research and development project… atleast if one is a bit of a perfectionist.

@andrew2.hart pretty cool it will read, a sign that most likely somebody somewhere was using their head when designing it lol.

i have agin your setting the check for port is not aviable
Port [28967] is closed on 37.201


You have to do the port check while the storage node is running, keep that in mind


sheenn the screenshot status offline

Is your external address updated with this IP?

yes is this
and the port is not active why not

someone with Fritz box who can help please

no port with internet ip available all closed

Is you option -e ADDRESS (for docker version) or contact.external-address: (for Windows GUI version) updated with this address and port 28967?

Is your PC with storagenode still has the IP from the port forwarding rule?

dont understand

yes have she

What is your storagenode version - Docker or Windows GUI?

Probably a DS-Lite related issue:

Mit DS-Lite sind fast alle IPv4-Anwendungen uneingeschränkt nutzbar. Lediglich der Zugriff über das Internet auf die FRITZ!Box oder Geräte im Heimnetz ist per IPv4 nicht möglich, da die FRITZ!Box vom Internetanbieter keine öffentliche IPv4-Adresse erhält. Im Heimnetz betriebene Server sind somit nicht per IPv4 aus dem Internet erreichbar.

So there is no ip4 connection with Fritz?

What should I do now ?

It’s not a fritzbox-problem. It’s an issue with your ISP - this is a pretty common restriction with german cable internet.

Maybe someone more familiar with cable might be able to help you out. Or just give your ISP a call about it :slight_smile:

i need not ds lite ip4

then i need Dualstack for ip4

that become i one isp hotline monday

Man kann den Vodafone Kabel Router im bridge Modus verwenden, dann bekommt man eine öffentliche ipv4. Allerdings braucht man dann einen zweiten Router, da der Kabel Router dann nichts mehr macht, außer der Internetverbindung.

You can use the cable router in bridged mode then you get a public ipv4 address. But you’ll need a 2nd router.


ich hab nicht den vodafone kabelrouter sondern fritzbox 6591 kabelrouter der hat keine einstellung für bridge modus
ich muss montag hotline anrufen die müssen ds lite umstellen auf ds normaql dann sollte über ip4 verbindung möglich sein